2018 Budget Builder

2018 Budget Survey

How would you like to see your tax dollars spent?

The Town of Ajax is once again reaching out to you - the taxpayer - to see how you would like your tax dollars spent in 2018.

We value your feedback and look forward to hearing from you regarding what you would like to see maintained, enhanced or reduced in the 2018 budget.

The survey focuses on the budget items that directly impact residents on a daily basis. Other elements of the budget are allocations to discretionary financial reserves from the tax base, slots and Veridian revenues.

The survey will be open from September 1 to 30. Due to high volumes, the Town will not be in a position to respond to individual comments. All feedback will be collated and forwarded to Council for consideration through the 2018 budget process.

Let's get started

In 2017, the combined Town of Ajax Operating and Capital Budget was $86.3 million. This included a $28.9 million Capital Budget and a Net Operating Budget of $57.4 million. As each budget is funded differently and is used for different purposes, we've divided the survey into two parts. The first portion is specifically for capital expenditures, while the second section looks at operating. The survey uses last year's budget as a base. You will have three options per budget line item. 1. Keep budget the same as 2017. 2. Increase budget by 10 per cent. 3. Decrease budget by 10 per cent. The values have been set to make it more convenient.