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Carruthers Creek

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Why is it important to protect the Carruthers Creek headwaters? 

The headwaters of Carruthers Creek is unique in the Greater Toronto Area, as it is one of the few urban watersheds with headwaters that rise south of the Oak Ridges Moraine. 

In order to protect this area from development pressure, the headwaters must be added to the Greenbelt. 

Development on the headwaters will mean: 

  • downstream flooding in South Ajax
  • downstream erosion
  • species at risk 
  • loss of prime agricultural land
  • additional pollution in Lake Ontario

Click here to read Ajax Council's resolution 


- 2015: Co-ordinated Land Use Planning Review for the Growth Plan and Greenbelt Plans initiated by the Province. 

- To support the Co-ordinated Review, Ontario appointed a panel, chaired by David Crombie, to develop recommendations on how to amend and improve the plans. Recommendations from the panel included protection of sensitive water features like headwaters.

- 2016: Draft changes to the Growth Plan and Greenbelt Plans from the Province are released, and a public consultation period is announced. The headwaters of Carruthers Creek were not included in any changes to the Greenbelt. 

- Throughout 2016, thousands of people wrote to the Minister of Municipal Affairs, Bill Mauro, to support adding Carruthers Creek headwaters to the Greenbelt. 

- May 2017: The Province announced final changes to the Growth Plan and Greenbelt Plans stemming from the Co-ordinated Review. Unfortunately, the headwaters of Carruthers Creek were not protected through the changes.

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