Central Park Downtown Ajax (formally Grand Harwood Place) - Town of Ajax

Central Park Downtown Ajax

Central Park Downtown Ajax (formally Grand Harwood Place)

Central Park Downtown Ajax is a mixed-use development project to be built at the Ajax Plaza. The development will introduce a new and distinct urban presence along Harwood Avenue in the centre of Downtown Ajax. The development will feature a mix of uses, including high quality residential, office, retail, and public transit, cycling and pedestrian amenities.

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Update - September 2017

In November 2016, LeMine submitted a revised submission increasing the total height of the building from 10 to 12 storeys. The review process was on-going throughout 2017 and delayed construction. Recently, LeMine has advised they will not be pursuing the revised submission and are moving forward with the approved 10-storey site plan. LeMine has indicated within the next month, they will be applying for demolition permits for the properties required for the installation of servicing. 

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