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Building Services

Building Services is dedicated to a safe built environment by ensuring public health and safety, accessibility and fire protection. Building Code Officials review building design and construction for compliance with the Ontario Building Code (OBC), creating a safe environment for the Ajax community.

Building Services serves the community by ensuring all construction, requiring a building permit, in the municipality meets the minimum standards for structural, fire and life safety set out in the OBC by:

  • Receiving and processing applications for building and demolition permits.
  • Reviewing drawings and documents for compliance with the OBC and other applicable laws.
  • Issuing building and demolition permits
  • Inspecting construction to ensure work conforms to the approved plans and the OBC.

For more information regarding construction, demolition, change of use permits and other related matters review the Building By-law: By-law 37-2018

Building Permits

Before any building or renovating begins you must obtain a building permit. Obtaining a building permit enables Building Services to ensure construction compiles with the OBC. The requirements for building permits differ depending on the type of construction and work.

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