Building Inspections - Town of Ajax

Building Inspections

Building inspections are required during construction to ensure all work is done according to the approved plans and the Ontario Building Code.

Required inspections must be completed prior to covering any work or proceeding to the next stage of construction. Failure to comply may result in the contractor/builder uncovering the work required for the inspection at his/her expense before proceeding with construction. If you wish to make changes to the construction authorized by your permit, consult the inspector assigned to your project.

Be sure to check the back of your yellow permit card for your required inspections. The approved permit plans must be kept at the construction site and made available to the inspector.

Booking an Inspection

When requesting an inspection please give a minimum of 24 hours notice, and provide the following information:

  • Building permit number
  • Municipal street address
  • Inspection code number (provided on the permit card)
  • Date and time (AM or PM) that the inspection is required
  • Contact name and telephone number


Book an inspection online.

By Phone

To book an inspection by phone call the automated inspection line at 905-619-2529, ext. 3285.

Mandatory Inspections

The following are the inspections required during the course of construction for residential buildings and additions.


Code No. Inspection Description
01 Footing Prior to pouring concrete footings.
 02 Foundation Pre-backfill Upon completion of the foundation and prior to backfilling.
 04 Framing Completion of total framing, including electrical work, plumbing, central vacuum and heating rough-in.
 07 Insulation, Air & Vapour Barrier Completion of insulation, air and vapour barriers, prior to applying the interior finishes.
 10 Fire Separation The framing for the walls, floors and shaft fire separations, closures and fire stopping are complete, prior to applying for the interior finishes.
09 Plumbing Outside Service Installation of building drains and water supply to building.
11 Plumbing Inside Service Installation of drains and water supply under basement floor.
06 Plumbing Rough-in Prior to installing insulation.
810 Final Plumbing Installation of hot water tank and all required plumbing fixtures, prior to occupancy.
8 HVAC Rough-in Prior to installing insulation.
50 Final HVAC Installation of furnace and all required systems and grilles, prior to occupancy.
12 Final Interior Completion of finishes, handrails, guards, smoke alarms and gas proofing, prior to occupancy.
17 Final Exterior Completion of all exterior work including site grading, caulking, balconies, landings and finish materials.

For more information, please contact us at 905-619-2529, ext. 3652.