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Building Permit Fees

All building permit fees are outlined in By-law 37-2018.

Fees are exempt from HST. Fees are due at the time of submitting an application. Only cash, cheque or debit is accepted.

Schedule "A" to By-law Number 37-2018
TABLE 2 - Permit Types and Permit Fee

Section A: Construction of new buildings, additions to existing buildings, including mezzanines


Occupancy Classification and Work Description


 Flat Fee


Group A - Assembly

Shell Only1





Complete Building (partitioned, finished, mezzanine)




Group B - Institutional

All Types




Group C - Residential

Detached, Semi-Detached, Duplex, Triplex, Townhouse





Apartment, Multiple Unit Buildings









Group D - Business & Personal Services

Shell Only1





Complete Building (partitioned, finished, mezzanine)




Group E - Mercantile

Shell Only1





Complete Building (partitioned, finished, mezzanine)




 Group F - Industrial

Shell Only1





Complete Building (partitioned, finished, mezzanine)





Unserviced Storage Building





Parking Garage





Farm Building




 All Occupancies

Service Floors




Section B: Alteration, repair and other structures


 Occupancy Classification and Work Description Multiplier3 Flat Fee
17.  Group A - Assembly    $8.00  
18.  Group B - Institutional    $6.30  
19.  Group C - Residential Accessory Apartment  $8.81  
20.   Retrofit Accessory Apartment   $134.00
21.   All Other Residential Occupancies  $6.52  
22. Group D - Business & Personal Services   $7.10  
23.  Group E - Mercantile   $5.14  
24.  Group F - Industrial   $4.74  
25.   Accessory Utility Building (garden shed, gazebo)    $134.00
26.   Below Grade Entrance   $300.00
27.   Detached or Semi-detached Carport or Garage(2)   $155.00
    Deck, Platform or Porch (unenclosed)   $134.00
    Foundation, Unfinished Basement $4.00  
28.   Permanent Tent, Air Supported Structure $4.00  
29.   Retaining Wall (per metre of length or part thereof) $11.00
$800 min.
30.   Single, Detached Portable Classroom   $300.00
31.   Temporary Building or Tent(3)   $300.00
32.   Temporary Sales Structure   $500.00


Section C: Miscellaneous


Occupancy Classification and Work Description


Flat Fee


Residential Service Connections

Service Connection (per lot)




 Solar Panels

 Serving Individual Dwellings





Serving all other buildings





Balcony Guard Replacing or Repair (per metre of length)





Electromagnetic Locking Device (each)






Fireplace, Woodstove





Parking Structure Repair



1. A shell building is defined as consisting of the structural foundation, framing system, and the exterior envelope and does not contain heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system, fire protection system, plumbing facilities, etc.
2. Applies to buildings equal to or greater than 20 m2 in building area.
3. Except for temporary buildings on construction sites for office or sales purposed, fees for temporary buildings, including tents, apply to buildings erected for 30 days or less.

Classes of Permits and Permit Fees


Class of Permit

By-law Reference

Fee Payable


Building Permit



See Schedule 'B' - Table 2
Minimum fee payable:
Minor Permits - $134.00
Moderate Permits - $134.00
Major Permits - $300.00


Demolition Permit


$0.23 per square metre of floor area


Permit for a stage of construction (Partial Building Permit)


An amount equal to 10% of the building permit fee for each phase of construction.

Minimum fee in accordance with Item 1 of this table.

Maximum fee is $500.00

Partial permit fees are nonrefundable.


Conditional Building Permit


An amount equal to 10% of the building permit fee.

Minimum fee in accordance with Item 1 of this table.

Maximum fee is $1000.00

Conditional permit fees are nonrefundable.


Change of Use Permit (No construction proposed)


$300.00 flat fee


Site Servicing Fee


An amount equal to 2.5% of the estimated construction value of the servicing


Sign Permit (regulated by the Ontario Building Code)


$250.00 per sign

Other Permit Fees
Item Fee Type By-law Reference Fee Payable
8. Resubmission of application previously found to be incomplete 6. 25% of permit fee
9. Revision to Permit or permit




$100.00 per hour

The minimum fee for review shall be the minimum fee in accordance with Item 1 of this table

10. Alternative Solution Examination Fee



$500.00 or an amount equal to 10% of the building permit fee, whichever is lesser.

Alternative Solution fees are nonrefundable.

11. Transfer of Permit 9. $134.00 flat fee
12. Permit Surcharge 11.3.

The greater of:
a) Surcharge of 25% of the permit fee when construction has begun and a permit construction has been received;
b) Surcharge of 50% of the permit fee when construction has begun and no permit application has been received, or
c) $134.00 flat fee

13. Where a fee is not listed 1.1.3. of Schedule 'A' 

A fee shall be paid in the amount of $15.00 for each $1000.00 or part thereof of the construction value prescribed by the Chief Building Official

Development Charges

Development Charges Please refer to our list of current development charges.

Engineering Deposits

Engineering Deposit For new residential dwelling units* Engineering Services will require grading and foundation certificates, and a mud and damage deposit in the amount of $6,000.00. This is to ensure that all work is completed according to the approved plan, and any boulevard and road deficiencies caused by the construction are repaired.

Excavations for building permits, based on the size and impact to surroundings, may be required to submit the deposit, to be determined by Engineering Services.


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