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Community Profile

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Progressive. Accountable. Community-Focused. Eco-Conscious.

These are the principles that have shaped the forward-thinking community that Ajax is today. It has helped foster a community where?

Smart People, Strong Economies and Innovative Ideas Intersect.

  • 64.1% of the population has post secondary education
  • 34.5% of our workforce is employed in creative industries
  • 95% of Ajax businesses are Small Medium Enterprise entrepreneurs

Opportunity is a Precious Commodity that we Strive to Create.

  • Low land and development costs
  • Municipal investment in roads, interchanges and shovel-ready employment lands
  • Priority treatment for business!

Quality of Life Can be Described as Just that: Quality.

  • A 7km stretch of undisturbed waterfront, an 80km trails system and 150 acres of unspoiled parkland
  • Affordable housing within safe communities
  • Fast and effective public transportation
  • A strong network of community health care centres and a newly expanded local hospital
  • Rich in history and culture

Greener Solutions are the Solutions 
we Value Most.

  • The first municipality to adopt an Environment First Philosophy
  • The first municipality in Ontario to construct a LEED registered campus
  • First municipality to approve a "Green Fleet" strategy
  • A proud founding member of the Durham Strategic Energy Alliance