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Downtown Ajax Accomplishments

A Vital first step - April, 2005

A Community Improvement Plan (CIP) is implemented for Downtown Ajax.

This significant milestone marks the first step towards the revitalization of the downtown district. With this designation, the Town has the ability to offer financial incentives to entice redevelopment within the Downtown boundaries. It also empowers the Town to take a leading role as a direct participant in Downtown improvement initiatives to come.

The goals of the CIP are consistent with and build upon the community improvement goals of the Town of Ajax Official Plan.

Learn more about the CIP Designation, its objectives, and incentives.

Harwood Streetscape Improvements - 2007 to 2012 

The Town has a multi-year streetscape improvement plan for downtown Ajax. Projects completed to date include:

2008 - Streetscape improvements at the corner of Kings Crescent & Harwood Avenue
2009 - Decorative benches, waste receptacles and bicycle rings
2010 - Street trees and plants
2011 - Street scape improvements at the corner of Hunt Street & Harwood Avenue

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Realignment of Fairall/Station Street - A Gateway to Downtown Ajax - 2011/2012

The Town of Ajax continues to invest in infrastructure to support Downtown Revitalization. Thanks to external funding received from the Federal Government through the Community Adjustment Fund (CAF) and Build Canada Fund, the Town improved an important intersection within its Central Employment Area, which provides a vital gateway to the Downtown district. 

In 2010, the Town completed a Municipal Class Environmental Assessment Study to assess potential solutions for improving the Fairall Street/Dowty Road and Station Street/Dowty Road intersections. The preferred solution identified was to reconstruct Station Street to match the alignment of Fairall Street at Dowty Road. The new intersection was signalized, and dedicated left and right turn lanes were incorporated to limit traffic delays. These improvements address the deficiencies in capacity, improve traffic for local businesses and improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists.

To facilitate this improvement, numerous land acquisitions were undertaken, which most notably included the acquisition of 81 Dowty Road, the former home of Avery Dennison Inc. On March 31, 2011 the Avery Dennison building was demolished, clearing the way for a newly realigned road within the Downtown district.

Lower Harwood Avenue Study & Street Treatment Design - 2013

The Town of Ajax undertook a design study for lower Harwood Avenue from Highway 401 to Lake Driveway to establish a long term vision for this ceremonial route. The study provides recommendations regarding intersection treatments, pedestrian infrastructure, street furniture, cycling facilities, parking, lighting, signage and related amenities in the public right-of-way in order to guide future changes and capital improvements. For more information, please visit the project site

Downtown Sidewalk Connectivity Improvements - November 2007

Sidewalk connectivity between the Downtown district and the GO Station at Westney Road is created. New sidewalks on identified sections of Mackenzie Avenue, Monarch Avenue, Hunt Street, Dowty Road and Fairall Street support the Town's vision to create a pedestrian friendly environment and provide alternate forms of transportation for residents and employees of the Central Employment Area. 

Sundial Verona Redevelopment - "Central Park" - November, 2008

Sundial Homes completes the first major residential intensification development in the downtown core. The project encompasses the development of the 19 acre Verona property with approximately 300 townhouse units, 400 apartment units and a neighborhood park.

Commercial Avenue Improvements - August, 2009

Commercial Avenue was extended from Bayly Street to Hunt Street to improve vehicular and pedestrian access within the Downtown core, allow for new retail uses along Commercial Avenue, and accommodate traffic volume resulting from the new Sundial development. Included with the improvements is landscaping, street furniture and the construction of a sidewalk along the entire west side of Commercial Avenue.

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From old school house to modern facility: St. Bernadette's is revitalized - September, 2009

St. Bernadette's Catholic School, built in 1941, is redeveloped into a modern learning institute. The $8.9-million project encompasses a new 572-pupil school with a large, circular drop-off area at the front door and a large forecourt with an open concept chapel and meeting place. The two-storey building is designed to maximize space and cater to family, church and community, all under one roof.

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Keeping the Vision Alive: Bayly/Harwood site is expropriated - January 2010

The Town of Ajax expropriates the land at the southwest corner of Bayly Street and Harwood Avenue to facilitate the development of this vital parcel of land into a key focal point of the downtown.

The proposed acquisition gives the Town and community the ability to directly control the development, rather than settle for a less desirable development that is not in keeping with the vision of the downtown.

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Hospital Expansion - Completed February 2010

The Ajax-Pickering Health Centre undergoes a significant expansion which includes:
The first 256-image computed tomography (CT) scanner at a community hospital in Canada;
A new emergency department;

A new ambulatory care unit for outpatient clinic visits, a fracture clinic, outpatient procedures, medical day care and pre-admit visits; 

  • A new, significantly larger laboratory; 
  • A complex-continuing care unit with capacity for 30 beds; and 
  • Redesigned space for the diagnostic imaging and cardiac diagnostic areas.

Hubbard Station is built - Completed March, 2011 

A 6 storey, 84 unit non-profit apartment building is constructed at 50 Station Street as a result of a strong partnership between Ajax Municipal Housing Corporation, federal and provincial governments through the Canada-Ontario Affordable Housing Program.

This significant addition to the downtown district contributes to the range of built form while also providing an affordable housing option within the Town, which has been identified as an important goal within the Strategic Plan. It also embraces the environment first philosophy by incorporating a number of "Green Initiatives" in the building to help reduce energy consumption and conserve water.

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Ajax Memorial Pool - Completed June, 2011

With the support of the Recreational Infrastructure Canada (RInC) program, the Ajax Memorial Outdoor Pool is redeveloped. After serving the community for 50 years, the new pool is updated to provide the community with a new and improved public space to get outdoors and be active. Learn more about the Memorial Outdoor Pool revitalization.

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