NonResidential Building Permits - Town of Ajax

Non-Residential Building Permits

The following information is required when submitting a permit application for a non-residential building.

Designer Requirements

All construction drawings for the permit application are required to be prepared by a qualified designer, architect, professional engineer, or a combination thereof, depending on the building description and scope of work.

The Ontario Building Code (OBC) requires qualified and registered designers who review and take responsibility for design activities to include the following information on any documents submitted to the Chief Building Official:

  • The name and building code identification number (BCIN) of the registered firm.
  • A statement that the qualified person has reviewed and taken responsibility for the design activities.
  • The name and BCIN of the qualified person.
  • The signature of the qualified person.
  • Schedule 1 - Designer Information form.

The Ontario Building Code specifies when a project is required to be designed and reviewed by an architect, professional engineer, or both. When the construction requires an architect and/or a professional engineer the professional retained is responsible for the following:

  • Commitment To General Review by Architect and Engineer form.
  • Ensure design and construction is in accordance with the performance standards of the Ontario Association of Architects or the Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario.
  • Determine whether the construction is in general conformity with the plans, sketches, drawings, graphic representations, specifications and other documents, including revisions.
  • Provide copies of written reports arising out of the general review to the Chief Building Official.

Drawing Requirements

Depending on the construction project different permit requirements apply, refer to the Building Permit Requirements to find out what is needed for the building permit submission.

Additional information required for the building permit application process, include:

Other Approvals

In addition to the building permit you may be required to obtain approvals from one or more of the following:

Be advised this is not a complete list and other approvals may be required.