Ontario Municipal Board Review - Town of Ajax

Ontario Municipal Board Review


The Province of Ontario has announced proposed changes to the Ontario Municipal Board, after reviewing its scope and effectiveness. The OMB plays an important part in the province's land use planning system.

The OMB is an independent public body where people can appeal land use decisions that affect their properties and communities. 

Changes to the OMB will impact the effectiveness of changes made through the Co-ordinated Review. Click here for more information about the Co-ordinated Review, and its impacts on the Carruthers Creek headwaters. 

Proposed Changes

  • Rename the Ontario Municipal Board to Local Planning Appeal Tribunal 

  • Municipal decisions will only be overturned if they don't follow provincial or municipal plan rules, giving greater weight to local decisions
  • Creation of a Local Planning Appeal Support Centre, which will offer free, independent advice to residents
  • Creating rules around conduct of hearings, and timelines for efficiency

Read more about the changes here.

The Town's Position

Town staff have prepared a report outlining Town responses to OMB Review questions. You can find a copy of the report here.

Further analysis of the changes by Town staff will be conducted when the legislation is introduced this spring.