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Dave Meredith - Director of Operations

Dave Meredith - Acting Director of Planning & Development Services

Planning and Development Services 

The Planning and Development Services Team of proactive and responsive professionals will be leaders in the provision of excellence in customer service.  We embrace the opportunity to build a model community for the future, one which includes thriving businesses and desirable neighbourhoods, an efficient infrastructure, safe buildings, and a distinct rural area, all complemented by a commitment to preserve our natural environment.

Planning and Development Services is responsible for the urban planning, development, building and engineering of Ajax.  It also has the responsibility of assisting business and industry in entering new markets and remaining competitive.  The Department is made up of the following sections: 

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Building Approvals

The Building Approvals Section is responsible for building permit issuance, plans review and the inspection of all building construction throughout the Town.  Specific responsibilities include:

  • Implementation of Building Code Act
  • Administration of Ontario Building Code
  • Processing of Building & Demolition Permit Applications
  • Review of Construction Drawings & Specifications    
  • Building Permit Issuance
  • Site Inspection of Building Construction
  • Enforcement of the Building Code Act
  • Representation at Building Code Commission Hearings
  • Attendance at Court Hearings & Trials
  • Collection of Development Charges

Engineering Services

Development Approvals

The Engineering Approvals team is responsible for the review and inspection of detailed engineering designs for all new residential and non-residential development within the Town of Ajax. Specific responsibilities include:

  • Detailed design review and inspection of Site Plan and Subdivision engineering drawings for installation of municipal services and private services for Building Permits
  • Coordination, preparation and administration of Site Plan and Subdivision Agreements
  • Administration of letter of credits for agreements
  • Preparation of Tenders, Requests for Proposals & Terms of Reference
  • Engineering comments for planning applications i.e. Land Division, Minor Variance, Official Plan and Re-zoning applications
  • Responding to customer service inquiries from residents, consultants, contractors and developers
  • Inspection of new residential and non-residential infrastructure construction
  • Engineering design review & contract administration of projects
  • Co-ordination and administration of the Engineering operating budget, capital budget, general levy forecast, development projections and long range capital forecast
  • Engineering clearance for Residential Driveway Widening Permits and Sediment and Erosion Control Permits
  • Project management for Municipal Class Environmental Assessments for stormwater management projects
  • Design and implementation of projects related to stormwater management facilities, watershed management planning and sewershed management

Capital Projects

The Capital Projects team is responsible for the planning, budgeting, environmental assessment, approvals, coordination and implementation of road, bridge, trail, sidewalk and park related Capital infrastructure projects in the Town of Ajax.  For more information regarding Capital Projects please visit: Operations & Environmental Services.

Planning Services

The Planning Section is responsible for development review and approval, long range and policy planning, urban design, project management, transportation planning and environmental assessments. Specific responsibilities include:

  • Policy Planning - the Policy Planning Division is responsible for the preparation and review of the Town's primary planning documents including the Official Plan and the Zoning By-law. Policy Planning includes community consultation, research, policy formulation, heritage planning and monitoring of planning activities outside of the Town that have an implication on Ajax's interests, and providing evidence on appeals before the Ontario Municipal Board.
  • Development Approvals - The Development Approvals Division is responsible for the review and processing of all development applications currently before the Town of Ajax, including new residential, commercial and employment developments. Development approvals staff review applications from the standpoint of official plan and zoning conformity, adherence to the Town's urban design, site planning and growth management objectives.
  • Transportation Planning - the Transportation Planning Division reviews the full range of development applications, provides analysis and comment on engineering submissions, traffic management plans, traffic management implementation plans, traffic calming requests. The Division leads Town initiatives on Transportation Demand Management and Active Transportation. The Division informs the Town's Budget, the Long Range Capital Forecast, and the Development Charge Background Study. In addition, it responds to public complaints and inquiries regarding speeding, traffic calming and requests for various traffic and parking control devices.

Economic Development Services

The Business Development and Marketing section is responsible for business retention and expansion, new business attraction, and marketing and outreach.  In addition, the section manages the Town's Real Estate portfolio. 

The Business Development & Marketing section focuses on the following four areas:

  • Business Retention and Expansion (BR|E)
    The Business Development & Marketing team monitors business trends and activities outside of the Town that could have an implication on Ajax's business community.  The section is charged with the responsibility of connecting and promoting business expansion within Town and facilitating efforts to retain existing businesses.
  • Business Attraction
    Business attraction is facilitated by the Business Development & Marketing section. The team is responsible for monitoring leads generated externally, and self-generating leads through target marketing of employment areas and available properties. 
  •  Marketing & Outreach
    The Business Development & Marketing section is responsible for marketing to create awareness of the Town's employment lands, business support services and tourism opportunities.  The outreach responsibilities include connection to all levels of government, government associations and business support services on behalf of local businesses.
  • Corporate Real Estate Portfolio Management
    The Business Development & Marketing section facilitates, co-ordinates and manages the Town's real estate portfolio. This includes the facilitation of all land transactions, including negotiations, and management of specific lease agreements