Pickering Village Community Improvement Plan - Town of Ajax

Pickering Village Community Improvement Plan


The Town of Ajax initiated the Pickering Village Land Use Planning and Urban Design Study in 2007 to establish a long-term vision and plan for improving this historically significant part of Ajax.  The study recommended the need to establish a Community Improvement Plan (CIP) to provide financial incentives that will act as a stimulus for focused improvements and future development that is sympathetic to the historical character of the area.  The CIP outlines the various financial incentive programs that are offered including:

  • Facade Improvement Grant Program - a program to promote the sensitive redesign of existing building facades to enhance the existing image of the area;
  • Sign Grand Program - a program to promote the establishment of new signage to improve the existing streetscapes of the area;
  • Redevelopment Tax Rebate Program - a program to provide tax rebates that would offset increases in municipal taxes that are the result of an increase in property assessment due to redevelopment;
  • Planning and Development Fees Rebate Program - a program that provides rebates of various municipal application fees;
  • Development Charge Exemption/Reduction Program - a program that waives or reduces development charges for appropriate forms of redevelopment; and
  • Reduced Parkland Dedication Requirements Program - a program to provide relief in the form of a reduction in parkland dedication requirements for eligible residential development.
  • If you have any comments or questions, please contact Mike Sawchuck, Senior Planner Ph: 905-619-2529 Ext. 3200 or michael.sawchuck@ajax.ca