Stormwater Initiatives - Town of Ajax

Stormwater Initiatives  

Reuse, Return, Reduce, Stop and Speak Out

How you can help improve the water quality in Lake Ontario.

Reuse your stormwater by catching the rain that falls on your property.  Store the water in a rain barrel or in a rainwater harvesting system.

Return rain water to the ground to recharge underground aquifers.  Plant landscaping like trees and deep rooted plants in areas designed to soak up the water such as rain gardens.

Reduce water consumption by using water efficient devices in your home.  Reduce hard surfaces like walkways and driveways on your property by replacing with porous pavement or interlocking pavers.

Stop using harmful chemicals inside and outside the house.  Use natural and environmentally friendly products and safely dispose of harmful household hazardous products.  Visit the Region of Durham's Municipal Hazardous and Special Waste or Orange Drop  for more information.

Speak out and be aware of the need to change our own habits and encourage neighbours to do the same.  Help protect and enhance our most important resource: Lake Ontario. 

Stormwater management initiatives listed below help to improve and maintain the health of Town of Ajax's watershed and nearshore area of Lake Ontario. These strategic initiatives are priorities set out by Ajax Town Council through the Community Action Plan which calls for "actions to improve water quality along Ajax shoreline ".  


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