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Transportation Master Plan

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What is the Transportation Master Plan (TMP)?

The Transportation Master Plan (TMP) is a policy document that will guide the development of the Ajax transportation network into the future. This plan sets out a long-term strategy to guide the planning, development, renewal and maintenance of a multimodal transportation system in alignment with the Town's growth and development vision.

TMP Executive Summary  TMP Update (full document)

TMP Update 2013 Purpose

The primary purpose of this TMP is to update the Town's 2007 Transportation Master Plan and define a comprehensive, fully integrated and sustainable transportation network to accommodate population and employment growth to the year 2031. An emphasis has been placed on providing transportation mechanisms to encourage a shift in travel behavior away from the single occupancy vehicle to more sustainable modes of transportation such as transit, cycling and walking.

The TMP Update meets the Town's transportation objectives of promoting mobility for all modes of transportation, improving existing and future transportation infrastructure, improving road safety and supporting a vibrant downtown through a multi-modal transportation network.

Complete Streets Policy

Through the 2013 TMP Update, the Town of Ajax became the third municipality in Canada to adopt a Complete Streets policy.

The purpose of this policy is for the Town to embrace the concept of Complete Streets by requiring that the planning, design, construction and maintenance of Town transportation infrastructure consider all modes of transportation and all transportation users.

What are Complete Streets?

Complete Streets are designed for people of all ages, abilities and modes of travel. A Complete Street has safe access for pedestrians, cyclists, motorists, transit users, and the mobility-impaired. These policies are designed to bring balance back to the transportation network and to ensure that the street network is designed to operate for all users, not just motorists.

Complete Streets

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Complete Streets Policy Goals

  • Ensure that the needs of all transportation users are balanced throughout the transportation network to the greatest reasonable measure.
  • Create a balanced, comprehensive, integrated, fully interconnected, functional and visually attractive transportation network.
  • Support the use of the appropriate complete streets best practices within the context of the community.