How to Rent a Facility - Town of Ajax

How to Rent a Facility

Pre-Rental Considerations:

Wondering how to book a facility?  There are some things you must consider before your booking:

  1. What date and time do you prefer?  What is your second choice of date/time?
  2. Do you have a location preference?
  3. How many guests will be in attendance?
  4. Are you playing music? *
  5. Are you planning to serve alcohol? *
  6. Familiarize yourself with the Rental Terms and Conditions including the mandatory Rental Insurance requirements. *
  7. Will this event be for youth between the ages of 13 and 17? **

* Refer to General Rental Information section for booking details relating to these questions.
** Specific rental rules apply to this type of Teen Rental. Contact a Facility Booking representative for further details.

Book Now! Just follow these 4 simple steps to get started!

1. Visit the Venue or Watch the Virtual Tour

2. Check Availability / Request Your Booking

Contact Us to check availability and request to book Town of Ajax facilities including meeting rooms, community halls, pavilions, gymnasiums, pools, ice, picnic areas, shelters, or open spaces (including waterfront).

Once availability has been determined, a Facility Booking/Customer Service Representative will provide you with a Booking Package and arrange to confirm booking details, request payment and finalize your rental permit.

Although a room might be available at the time of request, we operate on a first-come-first-served basis and we cannot guarantee availability and firm your booking until all forms and payment are received.  Staff will contact you to select an alternative date or venue should the date you have requested not be available.

Note: Only one-time Gymnasium and Pool rentals can be booked at the Community Centres. For season-long contract or recurring gymnasium or pool rentals please contact our staff in our Facility Booking Office.

3. Provide Payment and Sign Permit

Once Facility Booking Request forms have been processed and payment is accepted, the permit holder must sign the rental permit as final confirmation of rental.  This step can be done in person, by fax or by email.

4. Final Step - 21 Days Prior

21 days prior to your event the room set-up sheet and liquor license (if applicable) are due.  If your rental required an Initial Payment, the balance of the rental fee is also due at this time.