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Active Transportation

Active Transportation (AT) refers to the use of any form of human-powered transportation to move around. Modes of travel considered AT include: walking or running, cycling, in-line skating, non-motorized wheelchairs, skateboarding and cross country skiing. Having a walkable and wheelable community is an important part of creating a healthy, vibrant and economically attractive community.

Benefits of Active Transportation

The benefits of Active Transportation are numerous and important to each of us, our community and the environment. Active Transportation provides and opportunity to improve your health and quality of life, reduce negative environmental impacts of automobile travel and save on costs associated with infrastructure maintenance. For more information on the benefits of Active Transportation click the link on the right of the page. 


Walkable + Bikeable Ajax Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan

This Plan was developed as a comprehensive strategy of policies and guidelines for active transportation (getting around by walking, cycling, rolling or by any means that uses muscular power).

The Plan is intended to integrate with the Town's existing pedestrian and trail network and address how to encourage more people to walk and bicycle.

Download the Pedestrian and Bicycle Master plan

Ajax Moves 3 Ways

To support our commitment to respect and safety, the Town, along with our community partners has launched Ajax Moves 3 Ways. A first for Durham Region, the timely public awareness campaign focuses on the interaction between motorists, pedestrians and cyclists.


Welcome Cyclists Business Network

Local tourism based businesses are supporting cycling in Ajax through the Welcome Cyclists Network. The Welcome Cyclists Network is a program certifying and promoting bicycle friendly businesses and cycle tourism in a growing number of regions across Ontario. These designated businesses ensure they offer basic amenities to accommodate cyclists, such as secure bike storage, healthy food options, and local cycling route information.                                          


Look for the Welcome Cyclists logo in participating Ajax business's  windows.

Active Transportation & Trails Advisory Committee

The Town of Ajax Active Transportation & Trails is an advisory committee of Council. It is comprised of Town of Ajax staff, a member of council, and citizens at large. This committee advises Council on matters related to active transportation and trails, monitors the implementation of "Walkable + Bikeable Ajax" and encourages, promotes, and participates in the planning of active transportation policies, programs, and facilities.

**2014 Walk Schedule Now Available** 

 For additional information, refer to the Active Transportation & Trails Advisory Committee page.

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