LeashFree Dog Parks - Town of Ajax

Leash-Free Dog Parks

Ajax is the first municipality in the Region of Durham to open two leash free areas within our borders. The Leash Free area provides a great opportunity for dog owners and their pets to get out and enjoy the outdoors in a designated and safe environment. The follow list identifies the Leash Free areas available for pet owners in Ajax:

  1. Greenwood Conservation Area
    Located north on Westney Road, north of Taunton Road
  2. Westney Road South & Clements Road
    Located on the west side of Westney Road South, north of Clements Road

Rules for using a leash free area in Ajax

All dog owners and users of the leash-free areas must:

  • Clean up all dog feces

  • Be in the leash free area and within view of their dog(s) at all times

  • Have a leash in hand at all times and use the leash to enter and exit the park with their pet

  • Keep small children and infants under strict supervision

  • Respect wildlife and vegetation: do not disturb or destroy and fill any hole(s) their dog(s) dig

  • Have their dog(s) voice under control at all times

  • Respect the rights of others

  • Be familiar with the Dog Owners' Liability Act

NOT permitted in leash-free areas:

  • Female dogs in heat

  • Aggressive dogs

    Dog owners who do not follow these rules may be prohibited from using any leash free area in Ajax, and may be ticketed by an animal control officer.
    The authority for responding to any specific problems with dogs and their owners rests with the Town of Ajax's Bylaw Services Department - Animal Services, which can be reached at 905-683-8275 or by e-mail at animalservices@ajax.ca