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Ajax Schools Celebrate Walktober 2017

Walk to school this October! 

Ajax schools that encourage their students to walk to school will receive FREE incentives - water bottles, reflectors, lunch boxes and more!

Registration is easy! Follow these steps to participate:

  1. Register at saferoutestoschool.ca.
  2. After you register, e-mail getajaxmoving@ajax.ca and outline your school's planned activities. 
  3. Download the Hands Up Classroom Survey and track your school's weekly activities to win prizes! 

Ajax Walktober Activities 2016:

Walktober 2016 was a success! Congratulations to all schools that took part in Walktober. Check out Twitter Moments to see highlights from this campaign. 

  • Applecroft Public School
    • Keep track of walkers in gym class.
    • Hand out prizes to random walkers throughout the week.
    • Announcements "Walk to school for the rest of October to keep healthy and win some great prizes!"
  • Bolton C. Falby Public School
    • Student posters. 
    • Class to class challenges.
    • Graph to show tally/data of walkers. 
    • Walking School Bus. 
  • Lester B. Pearson Public School
    • Athletic council running announcements. 
    • Collecting weekly number of walkers/riders from each class. 
    • Draw at end of week for winners. 
  • Lincoln Avenue Public School
    • Announcements each day and student skits encouraging each other to walk to school.
  • Nottingham Public School
    • Walking Wednesdays in September and October - each Wednesday the Principal and Vice Principal meet at a different point in the community and walk to school together.
  • Roméo Dallaire Public School
    • Walking Wednesday giving out walking stickers.
    • Announcements every day in October about benefits of physical activiity. 
    • Daily classroom counts. 
    • Month end assembly focus on students that did walk. 
    • Pre and post Walktober counts. 
  • Southwood Park Public School
  • Vimy Ridge Public School


Children riding bikes and walking to school    Children waling to school