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Pet Licensing

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Your licence will expire LATER than usual this year. Login to your account to see your licence expiry date or contact DocuPet. We will send an email or letter reminding you when it's time. Licensing for the first time? Head this way!"

Pet Licence Registration

Why do I need to licence my pet?

BECAUSE IT'S THE LAW... According to the Dog and Cat By-law, all dogs and cats are required to be licensed on an annual basis.

The Ontario Regulation 567, Health Protection and Promotion Act, states that all dogs and cats are required by law to be vaccinated against rabies. In order to have your pet licensed with the Town, every owner must ensure that the rabies vaccination is current and that such vaccination be maintained and kept up to date throughout the term of the licence. In turn, licensing your pet provides documentation to the Province, and the Town, that your pet is vaccinated against rabies. This helps to ensure that the regulations of the Ontario Health Protection and Promotion Act are being complied with.

What are the benefits to licensing my pet?

With the Town's new partnership with DocuPet you have even more benefits to licensing your pet such as:

  • The Town's Dog and Cat By-law requires all dogs and cats in Ajax to be licensed and requires each pet to wear a tag. DocuPet offers a unique pet tag. Choose from two tag sizes to ensure the proper fit for your pet. Each tag connects to your online account through a unique ID code. You're in control of what information can be seen when the tag ID is searched. Manage all your details through your online account!
  • Receive rewards for licensing your pet. When you license your pet(s) you will receive an annual rewards card. A variety of local businesses have offered deals to DocuPet rewards card-holders! You can view these deals online at . Redeem your rewards by using your card as you check out at participating locations.
  • Create an Online profile - The online profile allows you to store secondary contact information, additional pet information and photos of your pet. You can also choose what information is visible to the public through your privacy settings, sign up for automatic renewals and browse lost pets.
  • A lost pet wearing identification has a far greater chance of making it home safely and quickly. Once licensed, you will have access to DocuPet's lost pet services. This allows you to report your pet lost on your online account, sending a notification to your local shelter and pet owners on the "Lost Pet Brigade". Anyone who finds your pet can use the ID code on his/her tag to look up information you've deemed to be accessible to the public.
  • Your pet licence is now valid for 365 days from the date that it is purchased. No more mass license expiry on December 31st of each year.

Where does the money for pet licencing go?

The money received for pet licensing provides the Town with valuable services such as:

  • 24 hour emergency service all year round
  • Feeding, sheltering, and safe keeping of impounded animals
  • Supporting the rescue of lost and/or homeless animals
  • Supporting medical care for sick or injured dogs or cats
  • Public education initiatives in schools and within the community

Where can I get a licence for my dog or cat?

Online at the link below.

Pet Licence Registration

Not comfortable using online, you can still license your pets many ways:

  • In person at Ajax Town Hall - 65 Harwood Avenue South, 8:30am to 4:30pm, Monday to Friday.
  • Visiting a participating Veterinary Office in Ajax:
    • Ajax North Pet Hospital
    • Pickering Village Pet Hospital
    • Harwood Pet Hospital
    • Makowal Animal Hospital
    • Herongate Animal Hospital
  • Or by mailing the license form (additional pets form) and cheque made payable to the Town of Ajax to: Town of Ajax 65 Harwood Ave. South Ajax, ON. L1S 2H9

Please Note: Some veterinarians may charge an additional service fee above the cost of the Licence.

How much does a pet licence cost?

Responsible pet ownership is encouraged with reductions in licensing fees for sterilized and/or microchipped pets.

  • The cost for a sterilized dog or cat licence is $25.00.

  • The license cost for a dog or cat that is not sterilized is $40.00.

  • There is a $5.00 reduction on the cost of your licence if your dog or cat is microchipped.

** Ajax does not offer lifetime licences**