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Congratulatory Certificates

Acknowledge a special achievement or contribution by presenting a person or organization with a congratulatory certificate.

There are 4 ways to submit a request to Legislative and Information Services

  1. On-line
  2. By Mail* :
    Request for Council Recognition
    c/o Legislative & Information Services
    65 Harwood Avenue South
    Ajax ON, L1S 2H9
  3. By Fax  at (905) 683-1061 *
  4. In Person, at Town Hall- 65 Harwood Ave South *

* Please print and complete the Request for Council Recognition form  prior to submitting your request by mail, fax or in person. Forms are also available at Town Hall-65 Harwood Ave South.


The Town of Ajax recognizes the following contributions:

  • Outstanding acts of civic service
  • Arts, cultural and community engagement
  • Team achievements (athletic/academic) i.e. winners or finalists in provincial, national, international competitions,etc.
    • For recognition of team achievements, individual participants will be issued certificates and a plaque will be issued to the team, organization or school
    • Recognition will be granted for the highest achievement title in a given field (i.e if a team is participating in a provincial championship, wins and moves on to compete in the national championship, recognition will be received for the national championship only)
  • Personal milestones (i.e. celebration of 100th birthday, 50th wedding anniversary) *Please note we recognize birthday milestones starting at the age of 65 years and Anniversary milestones starting at 25 years (and 5 year increments thereafter)
  • Business achievements (i.e. Grand Opening)

Recognition requests for the following will not be supported by the Town of Ajax:

Any request received that either directly or indirectly supports:

  • Demeaning, derogatory, prejudicial, offensive matters
  • Political or religious messages
  • Any matter in contravention of Town of Ajax policies, procedures and by-laws  
  • Any recognition that is achieved regulary (i.e. graduation from high school or Post-Secondary programs)


What happens once I submit my request?

Legislative and Information Services staff will contact the applicant within a week of receipt of the certificate request to notify them whether the request has been approved or denied.

IMPORTANT: A limit of one congratulatory certificate request for any individual, group, team or organization will be issued within the calendar year.

Please contact Linsey Joseph by phone (905) 619-2529 ext. 3338 or submit your question(s) on-line to Legislative & Information Services.