Municipal Election Information


The 2014 Municipal Election in Ajax took place on October 27, 2014. For detailed election information including results, visit www.ajaxvotes2014.ca.

2014 Candidate Financial Statements

Each candidate who filed a nomination for the 2014 Municipal Election must file a Financial Statement (Form 4) with the Town Clerk in accordance with Section 78 of the Municipal Elections Act, no later than Friday March 27th, 2015 at 2pm. These financial statements are public documents and are legally required to be made available for inspection and scrutiny on the Town website.

If a candidate has a deficit by the end of their campaign and wishes to continue campaigning to eliminate the deficit, the candidate must submit the Notice of Campaign Extension Period (Form 6), in person, on or before December 31, 2014. Failure to do so will mean that the campaign period automatically ends on this date. Candidates who file a Notice of Extension of Campaign Period (Form 6) must file a primary and supplementary financial statement.

A candidate may apply to the Ontario Court of Justice to extend the time to file their financial statement; the filing deadline can be extended for a maximum of 90 days. Thursday, March 26, 2015 is the last day for a candidate to apply to the courts to have their financial filing deadline extended.

A candidate must file a separate financial statement (and auditor's report, if applicable) for each office in which he/she was nominated, even if he/she later withdrew.

Candidate Financial Statements will be posted below as they are received by candidates between now and March 27, 2015.

Barnes, Patrice - received Nov. 24, 2014

Brown, Pat - received Jan 22, 2015

Collier, Shaun - received Nov. 4, 2014

Crawford, Marilyn - received Dec. 11, 2014

Dies, Joanne - received Dec. 10, 2014

Heeger, Gina - received Feb. 26, 2015

Jones, Suzanne - received Jan. 5, 2015

Jones Dooley, Marsha - received Nov 6, 2014

Jordan, Colleen - received Feb 5, 2015

McAleer, Kurtis - received Dec 30, 2014

Sriyani McLelland - received Jan. 27, 2015

Mitchell, Paul - received Jan 26., 2015

Parish, Steve - received Nov. 10, 2014

Ramdyal, Julian J. - received Dec. 24, 2014

Reynolds, Hayley - received Jan 22, 2015

Roussy, Krystyna - received Feb 13, 2015

Syed, Waqqas - received Dec. 29, 2014

Trauzzi, Lynn - received Nov. 27, 2014

 Tyler Morin, Rob - received Jan. 14, 2015