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Application Screening

Resumes are pre-screened by HR Services based on the skills and competencies outlined in the job posting. Resumes are then sent to the hiring manager for selection of a short list of candidates to be interviewed. Should you be selected for an interview, you will be contacted directly by Human Resources. Candidates not selected will not be notified.

Interviews / Assessment

One or more panel interviews will be conducted and may include some type of job based assessment. All interview questions and job based assessments are applied consistently to all candidates. The interview panel will be made up of a member of Human Resources, the hiring manager and a team member from another department.

Job Offer Process

We will conduct work related references on candidates who are successful in the interview/assessment phase. Offers of employment will be provided to the candidate who has been successful in the competition. Unsuccessful candidates will be notified by mail/email.

Welcome to the Town

On your first day you will attend an orientation with Human Resources and will be introduced to your buddy. Your buddy will help you adjust positively to the Town and provide you with skills and knowledge to be successful on the job.

The Town of Ajax is an equal opportunity employer, committed to diversity within the workplace. As we grow, it is important that our workforce becomes more reflective of the citizens we serve to further the diversification of ideas that makes Ajax a great place to live, work, play and visit. The Town of Ajax respects encourages and celebrates our diversity.