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Fair Representation

Read MP Mark Holland's letter of support urging for more equitable representation for Ajax at Regional Council. 

Read Ajax-Pickering Board of Trade position letter calling for fair representation based on population and diversity and reducing size of Region of Durham Council. 


Download the January 19th Fair Representation Event Flyer!

Regional Council Composition Review Committee

The size and distribution of Durham Region's population has not changed since 1996. As a result, Durham Regional Council established a 15-member special committee to review council composition. Ajax Council has called for this review for many years. See the Town's background information below

For the latest RCCRC news and updates, including meeting schedule and minutes, terms of reference, and work plan visit, www.durham.ca/rccrc. RCCRC meetings videos can be viewed at http://kastio.com/durham-region.

Contact the Region to request to make a delegation to the Review Committee. Your written request can be submitted by email to delegations@durham.ca or by mail to: Clerk's Department, 605 Rossland Road East, P.O. Box 623, Whitby, ON L1N 6A3 or by fax to 905-668-9963. The request should include the subject matter, the name of the presenter, contact information (e.g. address, email, telephone) and any audio-visual requirements. 

Town of Ajax Background Information 

Voter equality means that every Canadian's vote should have the same value... This principle is enshrined in the Canadian Constitution and is also referred to as 'representation-by-population'... The principle ensures that all Canadians are treated as equals and taken into account by their political representatives."
-- M. Pal and M. Molson, Moving Toward Voter Equality, 2012


Durham Regional Council's Serious Representation Issues

  1. Does not maintain representation-by-population.
  2. Some municipalities are growing at much greater rates than others, resulting in representation that is unfair and in need of re-balancing. Population forecasts indicate that this injustice will only get worse.
  3. Compared to both Peel and York Regional Councils, Durham Regional Council is too large and costs far too much.

2013 Regional Council Composition by Population

2013 Regional Council Composition by Population

Durham Region Population Growth 1996-2011

Durham Region Population Growth 1996-2011

Observations on Durham Region Population Growth, 1996 - 2011

  • 78% of growth in Whitby, Ajax and Clarington alone; 17% in Oshawa and Pickering; 5% in Brock, Uxbridge and Scugog.
  • Oshawa and Pickering have 12 Regional Councillors and a combined 2011 population of 238,328.  Whitby, Ajax and Clarington have a combined population of 316,162 and 10 members.
  • Whitby, Ajax and Clarington now comprise 52% of the Region population, but have the same 36% of the Council membership assigned in 1996.
  • Brock, Uxbridge and Scugog, combined pop'n 53,533, 6 members - the same as Ajax and Clarington with a population of 194,148.
  • Ajax has 21,000 more residents (25% > population) than Pickering --  yet Pickering has 4 members and Ajax 3.
  • Whitby's population is now 82% of Oshawa's -  but it has only 4 members compared to Oshawa's 8.

Fair Representation "Solution" Based on 40,000 Pop-per-Member

*See Staff report for background on 40,000 Solution

Fair Representation "Solution" Based on 40,000 Pop-per-Member

Reducing the Size of Council... Reduces Costs to Taxpayers

  • The annual salary and expenses for a single member of Regional Council is about $60,000.
  • Reducing the Council size from 28 to 17 members would yield a savings to Region taxpayers of at least $660,000.00 annually.

Representation by Population GTA Regional Councils

 Representation by Population GTA Regional Councils