Fire & Emergency Services - Town of Ajax

Fire & Emergency Services

Fire Suppression Division

The Fire Suppression Division is the largest component of the Ajax Fire and Emergency Services team. The men and women in Fire Suppression are responsible for all aspects of emergency response.

The Fire Suppression division is made up of four separate platoons.  Each platoon is under the direction of a Platoon Chief, who is responsible for supervising a team of Captains and Fire Fighters.

The Ajax Fire and Emergency Services provide 24 hour emergency response through a rotating shift schedule.  All personnel work an average 42 hour work week, made up of a rotating 24 hour shift pattern.

The following services are provided by the Fire Suppression Division of the Ajax Fire and Emergency Services:

  • Fire suppression in both offensive and defensive mode as fire conditions permit
  • Search and rescue operations within structures involved in fire or other emergency as conditions permit
  • Forcible entry capabilities
  • Ventilation capabilities including positive pressure, negative pressure and hydraulic
  • Salvage and overhaul operations to minimize fire damage, expose hidden fire and confirm the extinguishment of all fire
  • Emergency pre-hospital care responses and medical acts such as defibrillation, standard first aid, CPR, and the Emergency Medical Responder Program shall be maintained to Base Hospital protocols
  • Confined space rescue, including trench rescue, high angle rescue, HUSAR and other highly specialized rescue services shall not be provided beyond the basic awareness level
  • Extrication services at motor vehicle accidents and other incidents requiring the use of both heavy hydraulic, air powered and hand operated extrication tools
  • Ice/Water rescue to the land-based entry level
  • Defensive hazardous material emergency response shall be conducted to the operations level. In addition to operations level response, the capability for rescue and emergency decontamination shall be maintained where resources permit
  • Maintain emergency response apparatus and equipment in an "in-service" condition
  • Participate in automatic aid and mutual aid incidents as requested and required
  • We utilize specialized apparatus and equipment in order to provide exceptional emergency services to our customers. For more information on our apparatus, check out the Apparatus section 

Fire Prevention and Public Safety Division

The Fire Prevention and Public Safety Division is under the daily supervision of Chief Fire Prevention Officer. 

The following functions are performed by the AFES Fire Prevention and Public Safety Division:

  • Conduct inspections of occupancies under the Ontario Fire Code and take necessary action to ensure that compliance is achieved
  • Conduct inspections under the Ontario Building Code that are applicable to Fire Safety Matters and take necessary action to ensure that compliance is achieved
  • Conduct reviews and approvals of site plans and architectural plans in order to ensure that all matters related to Fire Safety are addressed and compliance with applicable legislation is achieved
  • Provide comprehensive public fire safety education and training to the general public in order to take an aggressive lead in the reduction of injuries and deaths due to fire within the Town of Ajax. In order to achieve these goals, the Fire Prevention and Public Safety Division of the AFES is committed to maintaining the operation of:
  • The Residential Smoke Alarm Program
  • "Safe-at-Home" residential inspection program
  • The "Learn-Not-to-Burn children' educational program
  • The "Older and Wiser" & "Remembering When" Senior Citizen educational programs
  • Provide AFES tours and presentations on fire and life safety to citizens upon request
  • Formal schedule of fire safety related activities during "Fire Prevention Week" on an annual basis
  • Participation in school fire drills no less than once annually
  • The "Arson Prevention Program for Children" (TAPP-C)
  • Delivery of post-fire information to residents and neighbours affected by fire
  • Delivery of the "High-Rise Supervisory Seminar" no less than once every two years
  • Fire safety education using the AFES Safety House
  • Opportunities for no less than 2 co-op students to gain experience in the Fire Prevention and Public Safety Division each school year
  • Conduct investigation into the origin and cause of fires within the Town of Ajax in order to be able to make an accurate assessment of fire risk within the Town and to assess the pre-fire compliance of the dwelling unit with the Ontario Fire Code

Our Fire Prevention team conducts reviews of architectural and engineering drawings along with conducting inspections of residential, commercial, industrial and institutional buildings to ensure compliance with the Ontario Fire Code and the Ontario Building Code. They also give advice on life safety systems including fire alarm and sprinkler systems, standpipes, and fire routes.

Training Division

The Training Division of the Ajax Fire and Emergency Services is under the direction of Chief Training Officer. 

The following services are provided by the Training Division:

  • Develop and coordinate the delivery of all AFES training programs
  • Manage the overall AFES training environment
  • Deliver AFES training programs
  • Assess the performance of AFES personnel by setting, administering and marking examinations, attending emergency incidents, evaluating practical skills, and by providing feedback
  • Monitor and evaluate ongoing training programs
  • Research and evaluate AFES policies, procedures, techniques and equipment
  • Conduct career development activities for AFES personnel
  • Maintain complete and accurate AFES training records and prepare comprehensive reports
  • Maintain current, accurate and appropriate AFES training manuals and reference materials
  • Actively participate in the fire fighter recruitment process
  • Actively participate in the AFES promotional processes
  • Maintain AFES equipment as assigned and assist with the research, design and acquisition of new apparatus and equipment

Communications Division

The Ajax Fire and Emergency Services Communications Division provides the following services 24 hours per day, seven days per week:

  • Answer incoming emergency calls and dispatch AFES apparatus to emergencies in a timely manner
  • Maintain accurate location and status information for all AFES apparatus, and record pertinent information relating to the response to emergency incidents, using the Crisys Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system
  • Control all AFES radio communications using the Harris P25 radio system in order to ensure effective radio communications are maintained
  • Ensure that all radio transmissions and telephone calls handled in the Communications Division are recorded using the Exicom Hindsight Recording System
  • Function as a resource to the AFES emergency crews in order to maintain an effective and efficient response to emergency incidents

The communications Division has undergone a number of significant technological upgrades in the past number of months. The implementation of the Crisys Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) System, Exicom Hindsight Recording System, the Harris P25 radio system, Bramic ergonomically correct workstations, headsets and a Nortel phone system all have contributed to a more efficient response to emergencies.

The men and women in the Communications Division work in a demanding, ever-changing and multi-task environment.

In 2014, the Ajax Fire & Emergency Services dispatched over 8500 emergency calls for service, with an average dispatch time of less than one minute!

In addition to providing full emergency dispatch services for the Ajax Fire and Emergency Services, our Communications Division also provides emergency dispatch services for the City of Pickering Fire Department.

Administration Division

The Administration Division consists of the Fire Chief, 2 Deputy Fire Chiefs, Administrative Co-ordinator and three Administrative Assistants.

The following services are provided by the Administration Division:

  • The overall administration and operation of the AFES
  • The management and leadership of all personnel
  • Establish and maintain departmental operating procedures, rules and orders
  • Maintain overall order and discipline
  • Maintain effective emergency response capabilities, procedures and plans
  • Maintaining accurate records and files for the AFES
  • Producing routine and special reports
  • Preparing, exercising and managing annual capital and operating budgets
  • Maintain effective labour relations