Martin deRond - Director Legislative & Information Services

Martin deRond - Director Legislative & Information Services

Legislative and Information Services

Located on the main floor of Town Hall, 65 Harwood Avenue South, the Legislative and Information Services Department is comprised of four sections: Customer Service, Legislative Services, By-law Services and Information Technology. Each section provides a variety of corporate, administrative and legislative services and is committed to ensuring that high-quality services are provided in a cost effective, professional and impartial manner.

Customer Service

Provides the following services/forms

Legislative Services

Provides support and secretarial Services to

By-law and Animal Services

By-law Staff responds to

  • inquiries and complaints relating to violations of the Town's Bylaws, including

    • Property Standards
    • Trade Licensing
    • Traffic Bylaw
  • animal-related By-law violations while ensuring the safety and well-being of both the residents of Ajax and their pets.

Information Technology Services

  • Responsible for providing the delivery of business applications, desktop support, technology infrastructure, network communications and telephone services.
  • Supports staff of the Town of Ajax in their efforts to provide effective public services, and maintain efficient government operations through appropriate and innovative application of information technologies.