Operations - Town of Ajax

Dave Meredith - Director of Operations

Dave Meredith - Director of Operations

Operations & Environmental Services

The Operations and Environmental Services team is driven to ensure the timely and efficient provision of municipal services.  Our team endeavors to proactively respond to the expectations of our customers while fostering a relationship that values trust and respect.  We are committed to evaluating our practices in an effort to achieve continuous improvement, sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Operations and Environmental Services consists of five distinct areas of customer service, they are as follows:

Environmental Services

The Ajax Parks System is open year-round for your enjoyment.  To provide this service, parks maintenance includes litter control, repair of park infrastructure and sports field maintenance, forestry services and horticulture.

The parks department manages approximately 800 hectares and maintains all pedestrian and bike pathways.  We maintain all local parks and park land within the Ajax municipality, aiming to constantly improve the streetscape and outdoor facilities to provide a safe, pleasant environment for our residents.  Responsibilities include maintaining the walkways, sports fields, playgrounds, splash pads and skate parks.  In addition we maintain shrub beds and grass cutting of all park areas. 

We have recently expanded our naturalization program, to help create park and open spaces that are self sustaining and ecologically diverse.  Allowing areas to regenerate naturally has many benefits, including improved water quality, increased flora and fauna, reduced emissions and better air quality.  It also lessens the need for pesticides.

Our Forestry Division cares for all Town-owned trees along the streets, parks, green spaces, natural areas, woodlands and beautification programs.  Our goal is to effectively preserve, conserve and manage the urban forest, thus providing a better quality of life for the residents of Ajax.  We also serve as a resource for other departments and the public in streetscape design, tree preservation and community planting projects.

The Town actively leads other programs related to our parks and green space which also include the following: 

  • Adopt a Park
  • Ajax in Bloom
  • Anti-Litter Campaigns
  • Leash Free Dog Area
  • Special Services & Events


Public Works maintains Town roads, bridges, sidewalks, walkways, storm sewers, street lights and arterial road boulevards within the Town of Ajax. This includes but is not limited to the following programs:

  • Road Maintenance
  • Construction
  • Winter Control
  • Utilities
  • Road Occupancy

Capital Projects

The Engineering Capital Projects team is responsible for the planning, budgeting, environmental assessment, approvals, coordination and implementation of road, bridge, trail, sidewalk and park related Capital infrastructure projects in the Town of Ajax.  Specific responsibilities include:

  • Growth management infrastructure planning
  • Project management for Municipal Class Environmental Assessments related to roads and bridges
  • Participating in the Development Charge Background Review
  • Capital Budget and Long Range Capital Forecasting for road, bridge, trail, sidewalk and park projects
  • Preparation of Request for Tenders, Requests for Proposals and Terms of Reference for new roads, bridges, trails and parks
  • Design of engineering capital projects
  • Contract administration and inspection of projects
  • Coordination of traffic signalization with the Region of Durham
  • External liaison on capital projects

Infrastructure and Asset Management

The Infrastructure and Asset Management section provides asset management for town assets and provides project management services to infrastructure projects supporting new builds as well as repair and rehabilitation projects of town building and assets.

Building Maintenance

The Building Maintenance Section is an internal services provider that supports the Corporation by maintaining all Town facilities.  This includes the maintenance of building space such as recreation centres, fire halls, Town Hall, Operations Centre and park facilities and pavilions.

The Building Maintenance Section prides itself on investigating new technologies that will improve efficiency and lessen the impact of the operation on the environment. 

Fleet Services

Fleet Services is an internal service that provides asset management for the entire Town's fleet.  Fleet Services core activities include the acquisition, maintenance, regulation and disposition of Town's vehicles and equipment.

As an internal support service, Fleet services performs maintenance on many types of equipment ranging from string trimmers to snowplows, ice re-surfacers to Firefighting apparatus.  Fleet Services also prides itself on investigating new leading edge technologies that will improve efficiency and lessen the impact of the operation on the environment.