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By-law Staff investigate over 1000 parking complaints each and every year filed by residents of Ajax, Durham and Go Transit, Emergency Services such as Police, Fire and EMS, and private school bus companies.

By-law staff also enforce some pro-active parking issues that directly deal with public safety or public nuisance issues such as parking near fire hydrants, parking in fire routes, encroaching of sidewalks during the day and evenings, parking left wheels to curb, parked or stopped in a disabled space, etc.

Some of our most common parking infractions are

  • Parked on any street in excess of 3 hours;

  • Parked / stopped in a prohibited area; (posted no parking or no stopping signs)

  • Parked on a fire route;

  • Parked / stopped in a disabled space without properly displayed permit;

  • Parked within 3 metres of a fire hydrant;

  • Parked on / over a boulevard;

  • Parked left wheels to curb;

  • Stopped on / over a sidewalk / footpath

Winter Control Parking Concerns

  • Parking is prohibited on all Town of Ajax streets between the hours of 3 a.m. and 6 a.m., seven days a week. This bylaw is proactively enforced from November 1 to March 31.

  • On-street parking during a snow event is not permitted at any time of the day or night. If you  park on the street during a snow event, your vehicle may be towed. On-street parking during a snow event can severely slow down route clearing, and in some cases, impedes providing any service at all.

Please review our Parking Brochure to see more of the Town's parking restrictions. You can also view the Town's complete Traffic By-law.

To file a parking complaint, please visit our online Complaint form.


Payments for Parking Infraction Notices can be done in person at 65 Harwood Avenue South using cash, debit or cheque.

You can also mail in your cheque to 65 Harwood Avenue, South, Ajax, ON., L1S 2H9 or drop it off in our overnight drop box. Be sure to include your Infraction Number on your memo section of the Cheque. Please note that the Town does not accept post dated cheques.

Payments can also be made online through our  Paymentus payment service using your VISA or MasterCard. A convenience fee of $1.95 will apply.

Paymentus payment service

Ticket Review Meetings

Should you wish to discuss the reasons for the issuing of the Parking Infraction Notice you can schedule an appointment to meet with an Officer to discuss the circumstances. This option is only available to individuals that DO NOT dispute the evidence. Please call 905 619-2529 ext 3340 to set up an appointment. Should you dispute the evidence of the Officer, please follow Option #3 on the reverse side of the ticket.