Apron Widening & Curb Cuts - Town of Ajax

Apron Widening and Curb Cuts

Apron widenings (also referred to as driveway widenings) are permitted within the Town of Ajax, as long it complies with the subject property's current zoning requirements.  The maximum driveway width and curb width are regulated under the Town of Ajax Zoning By-law 95-2003.

Please note the following additional conditions required for municipal approval:

  • Widening towards the exterior of the lot must maintain a minimum of 0.60 metre clearance from the edge of the driveway to the property line.
  • Any widening which will encroach beyong an intersection curb radius or into a daylight triangle will not be permitted.
  • Any requests for driveway widening not in conformity with the requirements of the Town of Ajax Zoning By-law will require a Minor Variance Application to the Committee of Adjustment.  Minor Variance Applications are only permitted on private property, and not within the Town's boulevards.
  • Minimum distance from the edge of a driveway to any aboveground utility or structure (streetlight, hydro transformer, Bell/TV pedestals, or hydrants) located within the boulevard is to be 1.0 metre.
  • Driveways and curb cuts must maintain a clerance of 2.0 metre from a municipal tree less than 40 centimetre in diameter, and 3.0 metre from a municipal tree greater than 40 centimetre in diameter (as per By-law 138-2006, as amended).
  • Circular driveways and/or secondary driveways are not permitted.
  • Decorative walkways that are directly adjacent to a driveway and are the same grade as the driveway is considered driveway, regardless of the material, and must comply with the requirements of the Town of Ajax Zoning By-law.

Submission Material

  • One (1) copy of the Apron Widening and Curb Cut Application
  • One copy of the proposed apron widening and curb cut concept.  The concept plan shall show the dimensions of the subject lands, the location, size and type of all building and structure on the subject lands and existing and proposed apron dimensions.
  • If you are within an unassumed subdivision, you will require a clearance letter from the developer/builder for aprong widening and curb cuts.

Permit Fees as per By-law 82-2015

  • $125.00 Apron Widening application (Non-refundable)
  • Curb cuts (the actual cutting of the curb is done by Town of Ajax Operations Services)
    • less than 4.0 metres $175.00
    • each additional metre over 4.0 metres $40.00


Planning, Transportation and Engineering Services provides approval to applications.  This process takes 10 business days for review.  Incomplete applications may take longer.

Approved curb cut applications will require an additional 10-15 business day for work to commence by Operations Services.

Other Approvals

If construction materials used for the proposed works will be stored on the municipal right-of-way (ex. bouelvard and/or travelled portion of the road), the following shall apply:

 For more information, please contact Planning and Development Services at 905-683-4550.