Grandview Children's Centre - Town of Ajax

Grandview Children's Centre flyer

We need a new Grandview NOW.

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In 2015, Ajax Council announced the granting of a five-acre surplus parcel of land in north Ajax for the proposed new Grandview Children's Centre headquarters.

Read the full release here.


  • Grandview is the only place in Durham where therapies are offered for children and youth with special needs and disabilities
  • Main location built in 1983 to serve 400 children; currently serving 5,600
  • Close to 3,000 kids in Durham are on the waitlist for therapy. That is the equivalent of 55 full school buses. This number is growing monthly
  • The need for services is expected to increase to 10,000 total kids by 2031
  • In 2015, the Town of Ajax led the way with the donation of a 5.6 acre parcel of land where a new Grandview Children's Centre facility can be accommodated
  • The cost of the project is $50 million
  • The ask of the province is $40 million. $10 million will be raised locally

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