Finished Basements - Town of Ajax

Finished Basements

A building permit is required to finish the basement of a dwelling unit, with or without interior partitions. Finished basements typically include a recreation room, bathroom and bedroom(s). A finished basement is separate from an accessory apartment, which is a separate dwelling unit that is located within the structure of a principal dwelling unit and is secondary to the principal dwelling.

Building Approvals has created a user-friendly finished basement guide to help residents with the building permit application process.

Application Requirements

To submit a complete permit application the following items are required:

  • Two sets of construction drawings
  • Any other documents that pertain to your project

All drawings shall be fully dimensioned, drawn to scale on minimum letter sized paper. Note all sizes and types of construction materials to be used and their respective locations, include stairs location.

Other Approvals

In addition to the building permit you may be required to obtain approvals from one or more of the following:

Be advised this is not a complete list and other approvals may be required.

For more information, please contact us at 905-619-2529 ext. 3652.