Projects - Town of Ajax


Anti-Idling Campaign

The Town of Ajax developed the "Every Minute Counts" campaign to support three anti-idling initiatives: an anti-idling bylaw, a community education program, and idle free zones.

Bottled Water Campaign

The Town of Ajax created a public education campaign titled "Tap into it!" to  encourage residents and staff to adopt the principle and philosophy of choosing tap water over bottled water.

Stormwater Initiatives

The Town of Ajax supports various stormwater initiatives to support residents in improving the water quality in Lake Ontario.

Adopt-a-Park or Trail

Community groups are invited to initiate a one-time litter pick or adopt a green space in Ajax on an ongoing basis.

Community Gardens

St. Andrew's Community Garden is a 5,000-square-foot space that opened for planting in the spring of 2011.

Ajax's Urban Forest Strategy

The Town of Ajax has taken the steps necessary to realize the vision for a healthy and sustainable urban forest which supports a thriving and liveable community.

Tree Care Kit

The Ajax Tree Care Kit is intended to be used as a resource for you as you care for the trees on your property and explore Ajax's Urban Forest.

Green Fleet Initiative

The Green Fleet Initiative is an effort to transition Town vehicles towards more environmentally friendly options such as hybrid vehicles and "right-sizing" the fleet.