Bottled Water Campaign - Town of Ajax

Bottled Water Campaign

On June 4, 2009, Ajax Town Council approved a public education campaign titled "Tap into it!" to  encourage residents and staff to adopt the principle and philosophy of choosing tap water over bottled water. The Town has already taken the first step in removing bottled water from its public meetings, Town operated concessions, and vending machines. Over the coming months, the Town will phase out the sale of bottled water at special events, and remaining concessions as current lease agreements expire.

How the Town of Ajax is supporting this initiative

  • Town meetings are now bottled water free.
  • Bottled water is no longer sold from vending machines and concessions at the Ajax Community Centre and Sportsplex.
  • Water fountains at community centres are being fitted with bottle filler attachments.
  • New parks and facilities will include the provision for access to municipal water.
  • Facility users and special event patrons will be encouraged to bring reusable containers.
  • The sale of bottled water at special events will be phased out by 2010.

What you can do to help

  • Let your family and friends know about the Town's "Tap into it!" campaign.
  • Fill a reusable container for use at your desk, in the gym, and on the go.
  • Keep meetings and special events bottled water free.
  • Be a role model for others by choosing tap water over bottled water.

Facts about tap water

  • Tap water is accessible and more sustainable than bottled water.
  • In Durham Region, your tap water is safe to drink. It continuously upholds the Ontario Drinking Water Quality Standards set by the Ministry of the Environment.

Facts about bottled water

  • The Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) has endorsed a resolution urging all municipalities to phase out the sale of bottled water, and over 50 municipalities in Ontario have implemented restrictions on bottled water.
  • Bottled water is more costly than tap water. Environment Canada states that 1,000 litres of tap water costs $1.26, while the same amount of bottled water costs $1,500.
  • It takes about three litres of water to manufacture a one litre plastic bottle.
  • A significant amount of energy is used to create, ship and recycle plastic bottles.
  • An estimated 650 million used plastic bottles enter landfills each year.