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Building a Shed

Building permits are required for sheds larger than 10 m² (108 ft²).

Be advised that all sheds are required to meet the provisions set out in the Zoning By-law.

Building Approvals has created a user-friendly guide to help residents with the building permit application process.

Permit Fee

The building permit fee is $115.00 for structures less than 20 m2 (215 ft2) in building area (Item 10, Section A of Schedule 'A' to Building By-law No. 45-2014).
The building permit fee is $133.00 for structures equal to or greater than 20 m2 (215 ft2) in building area (Item 9, Section A of Schedule 'A' to Building By-law No. 45-2014).

Only cash, cheque or debit is accepted.

Building Permit Fees


10 business days for plans review with a complete application, incomplete applications may take longer.

Zoning Requirements

To permit a shed on a residential property, the following zoning requirements must be met:

  • Sheds are not permitted in the front yard.
  • Maximum height of 4.5 m (14'-9").
  • Sheds shall be setback a minimum of 0.6 m (23 5/8") from any rear or interior side lot line and a minimum of 5 m (16'-4") from any exterior lot line.
  • Total lot coverage of all sheds on the property shall not exceed 10% of the lot area, maximum gross floor area of 60 m² (646 ft²).

Building Requirements


Sheds are required to be anchored to a foundation to resist uplift and lateral movement. Acceptable foundations are:

  • Floating concrete slab, maximum area of 55 m² (592 ft²)
  • 4'-0" deep foundation wall with footings
  • Wood mud sill, maximum 55 m² (592 ft²) and is not of masonry or masonry veneer cladding.

Prefabricated Sheds

Prefabricated structures must comply with the Ontario Building Code (OBC). Not all products sold in Ontario comply with the OBC; it is advised that before purchasing a system to contact the manufacturer to determine this. When applying for a building permit you are required to submit the specifications detailing compliance, failure to do so will delay the permit process.

Drawing Requirements

To submit a complete application the following items are required:

All drawings shall be fully dimensioned, drawn to scale on minimum letter sized paper. Note all sizes and types of construction materials to be used and their respective locations.

Other Approvals

In addition to the building permit you may be required to obtain approvals from one or more of the following:

Be advised this is not a complete list and other approvals may be required.

For more information, please contact us at 905-619-2529 ext. 3652.