Community Sustainability Plan - Town of Ajax

Integrated Community Sustainability Plan

The Town of Ajax is pleased to present the finalized Integrated Community Sustainability Plan (ICSP) Ajax - A Journey to Sustainability.

The ICSP will serve as a long-term plan, and was developed in consultation with community members. It provides direction for the community to achieve environmental, cultural/social, and economic sustainability goals.

The success of the ICSP will be depend on: 

  • Continued support of  Residents, Council and Town Staff
  • The formation of a work plan that details actions & completion dates
  • The expansion and strengthening of community partnerships
  • Ongoing engagement and communication

Sustainability Plan and its Relation to Climate Change

Scientific evidence is proving that the climate is changing as a result of the increasing amounts of greenhouse gases being released into the atmosphere. The main sources of greenhouse gases in Canada are as a result of:

  •  Energy production including oil, gas and electricity
  • Transportation including passenger cars, freight trucks, trains, planes and boats
  • Residential and industrial buildings
  • Waste disposal such as landfills and incinerators

In 2011, theTown of Ajax joined the network of Partners for Climate Protection (PCP) led by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) as part of ICLEI's Cities for Climate Protection (CCP) network; which involves more than 1,100 communities worldwide. As a member, Ajax has committed to take action against climate change by completing a five milestone framework for reducing green house gas emissions.

Milestone 1: Creating a greenhouse gas emissions inventory and forecast

Corporate greenhouse gas emissions inventory and forecast

Community greenhouse gas emissions inventory and forecast

Milestone 2: Setting an emissions reductions target

Targets have been set to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 20 % corporately, and 6 % within community by 2020.

Greenhouse gas emissions reduction target report

Milestone 3: Developing a local action plan

The local action plans describes actions that enable Ajax to meet the greenhouse

 gas reduction targets both the community and corporate local action plans are

 included as a component of the ICSP.

Milestone 4:  Implementing the local action plan or a set of activities

Milestone 5:  Monitoring progress and reporting results

 Corporate greenhouse gas emissions inventory report 2015

Community greenhouse gas emissions inventory report 2015

As of September 2017, the Town of Ajax has reached and achieved Milestone 5 for both the community and corporate categories.

 For more information regarding the PCP program please