Community Safety - Town of Ajax

Community Safety

"Making a Safe Community? Safer" was identified by residents as a strategic priority in the 2007-2010 Town of Ajax Strategic Plan. Using a partnership-based approach, a Community Safety Strategy  was developed to enhance community safety. In addition, the process was supported by a broader Steering Committee of community organizations and agencies, including the police and schools

Town of Ajax: Partner - Based Community Safety Strategy  2014- 2017 Work Plan

Durham Regional Police Services: Ajax-Pickering Community Patrol Plan 2014-2015

Community Safety Vision

A caring and healthy community, founded on the principles of fairness and equity, where neighbourhoods thrive and residents feel safe.

Qualities of a safe and healthy Ajax

  1. Caring residents who are connected and involved in their community.
  2. Family, community and government share responsibility for the safety, protection and well-being for children and youth.
  3. Equal and timely access to high quality health, social and emergency services for all.
  4. Residents and community partners working together to maintain a safe community and enhance our quality of life.
  5. Neighbourhoods with well-used gathering places such as schools, parks and facilities which are accessible and inter-connected.
  6. Residents engaging in a variety of community recreation, culture and leisure activities.
  7. Economically strong community which creates opportunities for employment and strengthens the local economy.