AFES Training Division - Town of Ajax

AFES Training Division

Live Fire Training

The Training Division of Ajax Fire and Emergency Services is under the direction of the Chief Training Officer.

The following services are provided by the Training Division:

  • Develop and coordinate the delivery of all AFES training programs;
  • Manage the overall AFES training environment;
  • Deliver AFES training programs;
  • Assess the performance of AFES personnel by setting, administering and marking examinations, attending emergency incidents, evaluating practical skills, and by providing feedback.
  • Monitor and evaluate ongoing training programs;
  • Research and evaluate AFES policies, procedures, techniques and equipment;
  • Conduct career development activities for AFES personnel;
  • Maintain complete and accurate AFES training records and prepare comprehensive reports;
  • Maintain current, accurate and appropriate AFES training manuals and reference materials;
  • Actively participate in the fire fighter recruitment process;
  • Actively participate in the AFES promotional processes;
  • Maintain AFES equipment as assigned and assist with the research, design
    and acquisition of new apparatus and equipment.

Advanced Driver Training

Driver Training SimulatorDriving and operating emergency vehicles is demanding and requires a high level of skill, training and ability.  In addition to high volumes of traffic, our personnel must be able to safely drive large, complex fire apparatus in all kinds of weather, at any time of the day and night, in all weather conditions.

This in depth training program involves an intensive classroom training session, in addition to practical training using a state-of-the-art driver training simulator.  This simulator provides lifelike, realistic training scenarios that greatly enhance the skills of our drivers.

This training program, and the associated advanced training program is provided by Drive Wise Canada.

The Advanced Emergency Vehicle Operator Training Program includes the detailed training in each of the following areas:

Public Safety and Emergency Response Personnel training includes:

  • Responding with lights and sirens
  • Hazardous perception
  • Intersection decision making
  • Coordinated multi vehicle response
  • Adverse Driving conditions
  • Vehicle positioning at scene
  • Safe backing


Rapid Intervention and Fire Fighter Survival Training

Fire fighting can be a dangerous job.  Firefighters are often required to work in dangerous situations and environments where visibility is zero.  This can result in a Firefighter becoming stuck, trapped or tangled in any number of objects.

Each Ajax Firefighter completes a rigorous Rapid Intervention and Firefighter Survival Training Program.  This important training provides our crews with the know-ledge, training and experience to handle potentially life-threatening situations and emergencies while fighting fires.

Entanglement Training

Entaglement training

 These drills require each Firefighter to navigate a tight, closed course, without being able to see, while dealing with multiple entanglements.  Each Firefighter must help his or her partner get untangled while continuing to move through the course without being able to see.


Rapid Intervention Pack

Rapid Intervention Pack


This is a picture of the "RIT-PAK".  The "RIT-PAK" contains a high pressure self-contained breathing apparatus bottle and various supply hoses and adapters. 

Each Firefighter must be able to connect this equipment to another Firefighter's breathing apparatus without being able to see.  This equipment provides breathing air to a trapped, downed or injured Firefighter inside a hazardous atmosphere. 


Ice Water Rescue

Water rescue trainingThe Town of Ajax, bordered to the south by Lake Ontario, has creeks, streams, water-retention ponds and Duffins Creek.

Ajax Fire and Emergency Services, as per the Establishing and Regulating By-law, conducts ice water rescue, rescue training and responses to the shore-based entry level.


Auto Extrication

Auto extrication demonstration

In 2011, Ajax Fire and Emergency Services responded to a total of 640 calls for 
motor vehicle collisions.

All first run Ajax Fire and Emergency apparatus contain a variety of cribbing and 
auto extrication tools which crews can utilize to rescue entrapped patients.




For more information on the Training Division, contact the Chief Training Officer E-mail  or by phone at 905-683-3050.