Fire Prevention Week - Town of Ajax

Fire Prevention Week

Fire Prevention Week is held every year during the week in which October 9 falls. This week marks the great Chicago fire of October 9, 1871.  It is chosen throughout North America to remind people of the devastation of fire and the importance of fire safety in our daily lives.

Watch our website and the local newspapers for information regarding Fire Prevention Week activities.

Family Safety Day

As part of commitment to the community, Ajax Fire and Emergency Services hosts an annual "Family Safety Day" where the public can come and see:

  • life saving equipment,
  • auto extrication demonstrations
  • defibrillation demonstrations
  • station tours
  • tours of the fire safety house.

Watch our website and the local newspapers for information regarding Family Safety Day activities.

 Residents touring fire trucks


Fire Fighter Steve Simpson giving the residents of Ajax tours of our fire truck fleet. Fire Prevention Inspector David Hribar guiding the residents of Ajax through our Hazard House looking for home hazards.
 Residents reviewing cooking safety  
Fire Prevention Inspector Robbie Lee educating the residents of Ajax about cooking safety tips as the leading cause for house fires occur in the kitchen. Residents anxiously wait to tour the fire safety trailer to learn about home hazards, home escape plans and smoke alarms.

 B1 Crew dismantling car

 Residents firing water hose

The B1 Crew dismantle an automobile, demonstrating the different tools that are used during a rescue. Captain Jim O'Hara assists the public with the target shoot using a fire fighter hose and nozzle