Fire Routes and Hydrants - Town of Ajax

Fire Routes and Fire Hydrants

Fire routes are set up around buildings to make sure emergency vehicles can get to fire hydrants and close to buildings in case of an emergency. 

Never park in a fire route 

You are also not allowed to stop or wait in your car in a fire route, even if you have a disabled parking permit.  There is a fine set out under a local bylaw for parking in a fire route.  Your car may also be towed.

Fire Route  

If you would like to have a fire route set up around your business, apartment building, etc., contact the Fire Prevention and Public Safety Division at 905-683-3050, Option 2.

To download a Fire Route Application, click here.

Fire Hydrants

Fire hydrants provide high-pressure water that Firefighters connect their hoses to when fighting a fire. 

Hydrants on public streets are maintained by the Region of Durham. Many businesses have private fire hydrants or standpipe systems for firefighting.  These are maintained by the business and must meet the same Ontario Fire Code standards as publicly-maintained hydrants. 

Do not park a vehicle within three meters of a fire hydrant or your vehicle may be ticketed and/or towed.