Fire Suppression - Town of Ajax

Fire Suppression Division

The Fire Suppression Division is the largest component of the Ajax Fire and Emergency Services team. The men and women in Fire Suppression are responsible for all aspects of emergency response.

The Fire Suppression division is made up of four separate platoons. Each platoon is under the direction of a Platoon Chief, who is responsible for supervising a team of Captains and Fire Fighters.  There is a Platoon Chief on-duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The Platoon Chief's office is located at the Headquarters Fire Station, located at 900 Salem Road North.  For routine non-emergency inquiries, the on-duty Platoon Chief can be contacted by phone at 905-686-6057. 

Always dial 9-1-1 in an emergency. 

Ajax Fire and Emergency Services provide 24 hour emergency response through a rotating shift schedule. All personnel work an average 42 hour work week, made up of 10 hour day shifts and 14 hour night shifts.

The following services are provided by the Fire Suppression Division of the Ajax Fire and Emergency Services: 

  • Fire suppression in both offensive and defensive mode as fire conditions permit;
  • Search and rescue operations within structures involved in fire or other emergency as conditions permit;
  • Forcible entry capabilities;
  • Ventilation capabilities including positive pressure, negative pressure and hydraulic;
  • Salvage and overhaul operations to minimize fire damage, expose hidden fire and confirm the extinguishment of all fire;
  • Emergency pre-hospital care responses and medical acts such as defibrillation, standard first aid, CPR, and the Emergency Medical Responder Program shall be maintained to Base Hospital protocols;
  • Confined space rescue, including trench rescue, high angle rescue, HUSAR and other highly specialized rescue services are not be provided beyond the basic awareness level;
  • Extrication services at motor vehicle accidents and other incidents requiring the use of both heavy hydraulic, air powered and hand operated extrication tools;
  • Ice/Water rescue to the land-based entry level;
  • Hazardous materials response is provided at the awareness level;
  • Maintain emergency response apparatus and equipment in an "in-service" condition;
  • Participate in automatic aid and mutual aid incidents as requested and

We utilize specialized apparatus and equipment in order to provide exceptional
emergency services to our customers.