Frequently Asked Questions - Town of Ajax

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Fire Department install a child car seat in my vehicle?

No.  Your child's car seat cannot be installed or checked by Ajax Fire.  If you are unable to install the car seat yourself, or are unsure of correct car seat installation, click here for Transport Canada's resouce pages for guidance, car seat clinics, and a listing of certified technicians and resources. 

REMEMBER: Seat belts are one of the most important pieces of safety equipment in your vehicle.  Even in the world of emergency response, where time is of the essence, Ajax Fire and Emergency Services crews are required to wear seat belts. If we wear ours, shouldn't you wear yours?

Click here for more seat belt safety tips and information

How many smoke alarms should I have in my home?

The Ontario Fire Code requires at least one working smoke alarm be located on every storey of the home (including the basement), and outside all sleeping areas.  For more information, contact the fire prevention and Public Safety Division at


Where should I place my smoke alarms?

On levels containing sleeping areas, install the smoke alarm between each sleeping area and the remainder of the dwelling unit. Where sleeping areas are served by hallways, the smoke alarms must be installed in the hallways. Smoke alarms are required on all remaining levels of your home and should be installed near the stairways. Remember, you must be able to hear the alarm even when room doors are closed. Additional installation information is provided in the manufacturer's instructions included with your smoke alarm.


What type of smoke alarm should I purchase for my home?

Smoke alarms use one of two technologies for detecting smoke: ionization or photo-electric. 

Ionization models are best suited for rooms that contain highly combustible materials that can create flaming fires.  These types of materials include flammable liquids, newspapers and paint cleaning solutions 

Photoelectric models are best suited for living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens.  This is because these rooms often contain large pieces of furniture, such as sofas, chairs, mattresses, counter tops which will burn slowly and create more smouldering smoke than flames.

There are many types and styles of smoke alarms available with different power sources and features.  Selecting the smoke alarm that meets your specific needs is very important and it is recommended that you refer to the information found on the package to ensure that your individual needs are being addressed.


How many Carbon Monoxide alarms should I have in my home?

The Ontario Fire Code requires that at least one carbon monoxide alarm must be installed outside of every sleeping area in your home. For more information, view our CO Alarm page here.


What type of portable fire extinguisher should I purchase for my home, boat, or RV?

Look for a rechargeable Multi-Purpose ABC portable extinguisher that has been tested by the Underwriters Laboratories of Canada (ULC).


Can I have an fire in my backyard or on my property?

No.  The Ontario Fire Code states that open air burning is not allowed, except for fires contained by an approved device for the purpose of cooking only.  This applies to all outdoor fireplaces, including "chimineas".  Although these may be sold in local stores, they are prohibited within the Town of Ajax.  To read more on backyard burning, click here.

What if my neighbour is having a fire in their yard?

Fire pits, fire tables, chimineas and similar acccessories are a potential hazard, and prohibited in the Town of Ajax according to municipal by-law number 49-2004 .  If you have a complaint regarding a neighbour burning illegally, phone the non-emergency line at 905-683-3050 (select option 4) at the time the illegal burning is happening.


How often should I have my woodstove or fireplace chimney cleaned?

Chimneys should be cleaned at least annually, more frequently if used extensively, by a qualified W.E.T.T. (Wood Energy Technology Transfer Inc.) Certified chimney sweep.  These can be found by checking the yellow pages online here


Is it safe to my portable gasoline container or propane cylinder indoors or in my garage?

No.  Gasoline and propane should be stored outdoors in a well vented area.


Can the Fire Department check my fire extinguisher?

No.  Fire extinguishers should be serviced and maintained by a certified professional. Local companies can be found by checking the yellow pages online here


Do you offer Fire Station Tours?

Yes!  Click here for more information, and to request a tour of one of the 3 Fire Stations located in Ajax.

We can also arrange for a Fire Truck and crew to attend Community events within Ajax.  Our Firefighters provide fire safety information and handouts, answer your questions and give a tour of the Fire Truck and their equipment.  Click the link above to request a Fire Truck to attend your community event.