Open Air Burning and Chimineas - Town of Ajax

Backyard Fire Pits, Chimineas and Open Air Burning

Open Air Burning is generally not permitted within the Town of Ajax  

The Office of the Fire Marshal (OFM) has received several inquiries from the fire service regarding the use of outdoor fireplaces.  These units vary in design from a steel firebox with a screened opening and short vent stack to a clay firepot with an opening for fuel loading and a short vent stack, similar in appearance to a large flower vase. 

Article of the Ontario Fire Code states that "open-air shall not take place unless;

  • it has been approved, or
  • the open-air burning consists of a small, confined fire that is;
  • used to cook food on a grill, barbecue or spit,
  • commensurate with the type and quantity of food being cooked, and
  • supervised at all times."

It is the opinion of the OFM that the use of outdoor fireplaces should be classified as open air burning and treated as such under Article

In accordance with the above noted opinion of the Ontario Fire Marshal, the use of outdoor fireplaces, chimineas, etc. are classified as 'Open Air Burning' and treated as such under Article of the Ontario Fire Code. Therefore these appliances are not permitted for use within the Town of Ajax.

Click here to obtain a copy of the Town of Ajax Open-Air Burning By-Law.

For more information on open-air burning within the Town of Ajax, contact the Chief Fire Prevention Officer by E-mail or by phone at 905-686-6055.