On February 27, Ajax Council approved the Town’s 2023 Budget which prioritizes service improvements, core infrastructure investments and financial sustainability.     

The Town’s portion of the residential tax bill is expected to increase by 3% or $13.74 per month based on the average assessed home in Ajax of $491,600. The combined total with the Region will be known on March 29, 2023.

In addition to maintaining quality service levels and covering increasing costs of inflation, the 2023 budget funds 30 businesses cases which support critical and essential Town work and service enhancements through 22 new full-time positions and the conversion of several part-time to full time positions.

Ajax Council continues to prioritize fiscal sustainability to strengthen the Town’s overall financial capacity. A new 2% infrastructure levy is being introduced to help, over time, replace lost revenues and look to address the current funding gap. The Town is also initiating a Stormwater Program, which will be accompanied with a $48 flat fee for residential homeowners. The program will provide the much-needed funding to support the maintenance of the Town’s stormwater infrastructure and operating program.

The 2023 budget reflects advancing the interests and needs of a growing community and improvements for the Town including:

Significant highlights of the $28.7 million Capital Budget:

  • Approximately 50% or $14M is focused on vehicles/equipment, roads and traffic safety measures;
  • $3M to enhance and maintain parks, trails and outdoor spaces, such as Rotary Park improvements and replacements;
  • $3.7M invested in repairing and upgrading Town buildings, including McLean’s Community Centre and Audley Recreation Centre;
  • Approximately $3.6M to support technology needs and process improvements

Significant highlights of the approved $88 million net Operating Budget include:

  • 8 full-time/part-time positions to support the Operating and Environmental Services division;
  • Approval of 30 Business Cases for new staffing and other initiatives totaling a net amount of $1.9M;
  • 2% infrastructure levy totaling $1.5M;
  • $48 flat rate to residential properties for the 2023 Stormwater User Fee


“Similar to many municipalities, the Town has tried to thoroughly balance service needs and expectations with current resources, while taking into account the rising cost of inflation. These budgets move us forward in all areas and sets a new course of action for us to lead in best practices, continuous improvement, excellence and good governance. I want to thank my Council colleagues, staff and the public for their input and efforts throughout the budget process. It is important to Council that we approved a budget that reflects our ongoing commitment to sustain our high-quality service levels and our objectives for future generations and continuous growth of the Town.” – Budget Chair, Mayor Shaun Collier, Town of Ajax

Quick Facts

  • On February 27, 2023, Ajax Council approved the Town’s 2023 Capital & Operating budgets. Watch the February 16 Capital & Operating Budget meeting here.
  • The approved Capital Budget is approximately $28.7 million.
  • The approved net Operating Budget is approximately $87.8 million, an increase of $7.5 million from 2022.
  • This budget does not reflect any potential loss of revenue to the Town due to Bill 109 and Bill 23. Staff will be monitoring and tracking the impacts of this new provincial legislation throughout the year.

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