TOA is committed to sustainability by increasing waste diversion rates

Ajax Council has approved a new Pet Waste Diversion Program, which will see in-ground dog waste recycling containers installed in designated parks throughout town this summer/fall.

The Town will utilize in-ground collection containers to collect dog waste below the ground surface, which will help promote the peaceful coexistence of humans, their pets and wildlife while prioritizing public health and safety. This program aligns with the Town’s commitment to sustainability by increasing waste diversion rates and implementing projects that help create a cleaner and greener future for Ajax.

The intent is that the waste would be diverted to an Anaerobic Digestion (AD) facility to be converted into clean energy.  


“I am proud of our continued commitment to promoting a sustainable and resilient community, while recognizing the importance of prioritizing public health and safety. I hope dog owners take advantage of this new program by seeking out containers in their neighbourhoods. Owners will be able to avoid holding poop bags until they get home or finding a garbage can.” – Mayor Shaun Collier, Town of Ajax 

“The Town of Ajax continues to be a leader in sustainability, while working to develop and implement projects and programs that address waste management, such as the pet waste diversion program. With approximately 14,000 dogs in the Town, this program represents a significant waste diversion opportunity.” – Cameron Richardson, Supervisor of Environmental Sustainability & Climate Change, Town of Ajax 

Quick Facts

  • The Town is committed to promoting a sustainable and resilient community, recognizing the importance of natural ecosystem processes and a clean, well-maintained community and promoting the peaceful coexistence of humans, their pets and wildlife all while prioritizing public health and safety. 
  • In 2018, 53.4 MT of pet waste was collected in the Town’s parks system (representing 33.5% of total landfill waste collected). 
  • Pet waste odour can lead to increasing service level needs in parks. In-ground collection containers collect pet waste below the ground’s surface where it is cooler and not exposed to direct sunlight/heat.  
  • Annually, pet waste leads to an average of 28 by-law complaints. 
  • Other municipalities have implemented successful pet waste diversion programs and have continued to expand their programs (City of Waterloo, City of Pickering, City of Mississauga, etc.). 
  • Based on approved criteria, the following 12 sites were identified by staff as possible locations: Hermitage Park Leash-free Dog Park (W1), Greenwood CA Park Leash-free Dog Park, Lions Park Leash-free Dog Park, Audley Recreation Centre Leash-free Dog Park (W2), Joe Dickson Park Leash-free Dog Park (W2), McLean Community Centre Leash-free Dog Park, Westgate Pavilion (Carruthers Creek Trail), Porte Trail at Porte Road North Parkette, and Waterfront Trail at Rotary Park, Veteran’s Point, Paradise Park, and Carruthers Marsh. 
  • This initiative aligns with actions outlined in Action26 – Ajax Council’s Strategic Plan to 2026. 
  • Durham Region’s Long-term Waste Management Plan identifies the need to increase organic diversion (including pet waste) by up to 10% by 2026. The Region is expected to enhance its Green Bin program in summer 2024 to include sanitary items and pet waste.

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