Automated Speed Enforcement (ASE) is a modern enforcement tool being deployed by the Town of Ajax to improve safety and enforce speed limits in designated Community Safety Zones (CSZ) on Town Roads.

The Town’s ASE Program includes the use of mobile camera placed in designated CSZ that will take a photo of a vehicle’s licence space that is moving faster than the regulated speed limit.

This speed enforcement measure in combination with radar message boards, ongoing public engagement, traffic engineering improvements and additional police enforcement are all designed to encourage a change in driver behaviour and improve safety in the Town’s CSZ where a higher number of vulnerable road users, including children, tend to be.

Municipal Speed Camera signage

Community Safety Zone signage

Your speed digital sign

The current three locations for ASE Camera deployment are:

  • Delaney Drive - between Elizabeth Street and Ravenscroft Road
  • Williamson Drive E - between Salem Road and Audley Road
  • Finley Avenue - between Banner Crescent and Burden Crescent

To learn more, here is a complete list of Automated Speed Enforcement community safety zones.

Cameras will be rotated through the Town’s Community Safety Zones. As per provincial requirements, “Municipal Speed Enforcement – Coming Soon” signs have been installed at the above locations, and will remain up for at least 90 days to warn motorists where the cameras will be installed. A report was presented to Council in November 2021 outlining the full implementation plan of the Town's ASE program. 

The ASE program includes the rotation of three cameras through all 14 of our Community Safety Zones. The implementation plan presented in November will provide the proposed schedule which will see the cameras deployed in all 14 Community Safety Zones within the first year of the program.

The Town of Ajax ASE program is deployed on Town Roads. Durham Region also currently operates an ASE program on Regional Roads within the Town of Ajax. Learn more about the Region’s ASE program.

ASE Information Session

Community Information Session

A Community Information Session was hosted on November 30, 2021 and provided residents with an opportunity to receive more information on the Town’s ASE program and ask their questions to our Transportation Team. A full recording is available below.


What happens when I speed through an ASE zone? 
An ASE camera will capture a photo of the vehicle’s rear licence plate, the image will be reviewed by a province appointed by-law officer. If a violation is determined, the officer will send an offence notice and a copy of the photo captured to the registered vehicle owner within 30 days of offence. 
Will Demerit points be issued? 
No, demerit points are not issued. The registered vehicle owner receives the fine, regardless if they were driving the car or not.
Will there be signs notifying drivers of the ASE at locations?

Yes, initially there will be a Municipal Speed Camera Coming Soon sign (below left), 90 days prior to camera coming to the location and then a Municipal Speed Camera In Use sign (below right) when installed in the vicinity of the camera to warn drivers.

Municipal Speed Camera Coming Soon signage Municipal Speed Camera In Use signage

What are the speed threshold limits for the camera to take a photo of the licence plate?
Speed threshold limits will not be disclosed, as the posted speed limit is the law not a guideline to follow. Driving at, or below, the posted limit will ensure a ticket is not issued.
How are violations determined?
All charges will be verified by a provincial by-law officer to ensure correct vehicle licence plate captured. Ensuring ASE equipment is operating correctly at time of infraction, and violation is deemed accurate.
Can the fine be challenged if I feel I am not guilty of the offence?

The respondent can exercise one of the options below.

  1. Plead guilty and pay fine
  2. Early resolution – Meet with prosecutor
  3. Plead not guilty

Learn more about the offence process.

Are there other municipalities in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) with ASE?
Yes, other municipalities in Ontario are participating in this program such as City of Toronto, City of Mississauga, City of Pickering, and Region of Durham. To learn more about the program visit the following link a website established by the Ontario Traffic Council.
What are the fines for speeding through an ASE zone? 
The charge will vary as it includes a set fine for the amount of speed above the speed limit (fines are doubled when speeding in a Community Safety Zone), court costs, and a victim surcharge fee added by the Province of Ontario. The speed and victim surcharge fees are established in the Provincial Offences Act.
Why is the ASE program being implemented?

The ASE program is a speed enforcement option the Town has decided to deploy to support the Durham Vision Zero initiative and to keep roads safe.

Learn more about the Durham Vision Zero initiative.

I am concerned about my privacy with these cameras, are vehicle occupants shown in these photos?
No. The ASE cameras only takes a photo of the rear licence plate area of the vehicle when the vehicle speed triggers the camera to take a photo.


For further questions about the Town’s Automated Speed Enforcement Program, email