The Town of Ajax offers a number of services to support business growth including:

  • Consultation  - find where to locate your business or locate information to support your business.
  • Connections - get introduced to other leaders willing to help your business succeed.
  • Networking - meet and greet other businesses and future customers.
  • Engagement - connect with Ajax Town Hall to help answer your business questions.
  • Funding - let us show you where to find money to support your business - banks, government and angels.
  • Hiring - we will introduce you to teams that will help make hiring your employees as simple as possible.

From start-ups to global industry leaders our team can connect you with the resources your business needs to succeed.

Town Programs and Assistance

Priority Incentives

Thinking like a business, Ajax has removed many of the barriers often found when researching for a site. In 2010, the Town launched PriorityPath, a streamlined municipal process for business expansion. In 2013 Launched PriorityProperty, a designation for properties that have met the Town's stringent requirements to achieve 'Shovel Ready' status.

The Business Development Team has been recognized for its efforts in assisting businesses in growth and expansion after selecting Ajax. Our mission is to get you here, and keep you here. For details and further information, please contact us.


Because Ajax understands business needs, we provide resources and coordination for companies working through the site plan approval and permitting process. Find out how you can save time, save money and avoid surprises, with PriorityPath, an exclusive program available to Ajax businesses.

PriorityPATH Prime

Now Available! This expedited site plan and building approvals process is tailored to large development projects. If your project is greater than 30,000 sq. ft. and could be considered complex in nature.

Community Improvement Plans (CIP)

What is a CIP?

Under normal circumstances, Section 106(1) of the Municipal Act, 2001, c.M.45 prohibits municipalities from assisting any business, either directly or indirectly, through the granting of bonuses. However, an exception is made that allows municipalities with a "Community Improvement Plan" ("CIP") to provide certain assistance in the development of an area. Assistance can appear in the form of development charge discounts, building fee discounts, and other potential incentives. Ajax has two CIPs

Downtown CIP:

Downtown Ajax was designated as a Community Improvement Plan Area in 2005. The designation encourages and supports the (re)development of the downtown in keeping with the downtown vision, and supplements the Town's ability to take a leading role as a direct participant in downtown improvement initiatives.

Pickering-Village Community Improvement Plan:

The Town of Ajax initiated the Pickering Village Land Use Planning and Urban Design Study in 2007 to establish a long-term vision and plan for improving this historically significant part of Ajax. The study recommended the need to establish a Community Improvement Plan (CIP) to provide financial incentives that will act as a stimulus for focused improvements and future development that is sympathetic to the historical character of the area.

Contact us for details on potential development parcels located within either CIP.


Welcome to BizPaL, your online source of information on permits and licenses.

BizPaL is jointly managed by a partnership involving governments at the federal, provincial, territorial and municipal levels. Provinces, territories and hundreds of municipalities have collaborated together to provide you with the permits and licenses that may be required to start and grow your business.

Access BizPaL Now


Listening to the voice of business helps to understand and reveal the reasons why a particular location is the right place to be. From businesses newly arriving to Ajax, to business that have been here for decades, the rationale of why they are in Ajax is that they have discovered the ingredients to create success. Here is what some of our businesses have to say about the Town:


"From the outset, we were impressed with the Town of Ajax Planning & Development department and their proactive approach. They ensured that the process of building our new facility was handled in a smooth and efficient manner. Moving to our new facility in Ajax was a big job, but it has been a positive experience for all of us here at Autodyne."

- Ross MacMaster, President, Autodyne Machinery Inc.

"In the distribution industry, location is key. With direct access to Highway 401 from the Salem Road interchange, and future connection to Highway 407, Ajax was clearly the optimal choice."

- Rand Russel, General Manager, Atlas Logistics (now Loblaws Distribution Centre)


"There are several key factors that we look for when determining an investment location - prime location, with access to major highways, infrastructure, access to a skilled workforce, and a keen industrial climate. It was for these reasons that we made the decision to develop in Ajax."

- Delis Lus, Senior Vice President of Development, Higgins Development Partners


"Ajax is a municipality that truly leads by example. Mayor and Council have taken an active role in protecting greenbelt lands to ensure a greener future for its residents. That is the forward-thinking mentality that we should all admire."

- Burkhard Mausberg, President, Greenbelt Foundation