Ajax Council has approved an ambitious new five-year economic development action plan and we are recruiting business owners and local residents to join a roundtable to support its success.

Since the plan was developed in the midst of a pandemic, leading to a wide-range of impacts on our community, the plan will remain necessarily fluid as we pivot and respond to any arising opportunities and challenges. Ongoing consultation and collaboration with our knowledgeable and experienced business community will contribute to success.

To review eligibility requirements and learn more, visit the Town’s public engagement platform – In My Opinion Hub (IMO) – at ajax.ca/EDRoundtable.

The new five-year economic development plan features four strategic goals:

  1. Leaders in Business Retention and Attraction
  2. Innovators in Business Start-Ups and Workforce Development
  3. Advocates and Supporters of Place Development
  4. Champions of Organizational Readiness to Support Growth and Development

This road map will drive growth, continue fostering an innovative culture, and energize our business community as we move forward from the impacts of the pandemic and grow our business community.

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