The Durham Region Land Division Committee is the approval authority of Land Division Applications in the Town of Ajax. For additional information on Land Division Applications and to obtain a copy of the application form please visit the Durham Region Land Division Committee website.

Why do I need approval (consent)?

The Planning Act requires approval of consent to land division by Durham Region, as dividing land without approval can have long term impact on you and future land owners. Land Division applications are known as consent applications as there are several types of applications.

The types of consent applications include:

  • Creation of a new lot;
  • Addition to an existing lot or adjusting a lot line;
  • Easements and Right-of-way;
  • Lease for a period of 21 years or longer; and
  • Other types such as correction of title, validation of title and several others.

How do I apply for approval (consent)?

Before applying for approval for consent (land division), please contact the Durham Region Planning Department and the Town of Ajax Planning and Development Services to discuss your proposed land division application and the associated requirements.