Planning Services

The Planning Section is responsible for development review and approval, long range and policy planning, urban design and project management. Specific responsibilities include:

 Policy Planning
The Policy Planning Division is responsible for the preparation and review of the Town's primary planning documents including the Official Plan and the Zoning By-law. Policy Planning includes community consultation, research, policy formulation, heritage planning and monitoring of planning activities outside of the Town that have an implication on Ajax's interests, and providing evidence on appeals before the Ontario Land Tribunal.
 Development Approvals
The Development Approvals Division is responsible for the review and processing of all development applications currently before the Town of Ajax, including new residential, commercial and employment developments. Development approvals staff review applications from the standpoint of official plan and zoning conformity, adherence to the Town's urban design, site planning and growth management objectives.
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Building Approvals

The Building Approvals Section is responsible for building permit issuance, plans review and the inspection of all building construction throughout the Town. 

 Specific Duties
  • Implementation of Building Code Act
  • Administration of Ontario Building Code
  • Processing of Building & Demolition Permit Applications
  • Review of Construction Drawings & Specifications
  • Building Permit Issuance
  • Site Inspection of Building Construction
  • Enforcement of the Building Code Act
  • Representation at Building Code Commission Hearings
  • Attendance at Court Hearings & Trials
  • Collection of Development Charges
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