Transportation Services aims to provide an efficient and safe transportation network through the Town. The main focus of this section includes Traffic Management and Traffic Safety. Please take the time to review the various programs and services contained within to see how the Town of Ajax prioritizes safety and manages the flow of traffic.

General Traffic Concerns and Enforcement

As the Town of Ajax continues to grow, so do the numbers of cars on the road. Often, residents have the opportunity to experience traffic conditions first hand. Thus from time to time you may find that you have some questions or concerns with the transportation network in the Town of Ajax. If you cannot locate the information you seek on our website, please feel free to contact the Transportation section at or at 905-619-2529.

ITMP 2019 - Notice of Completion

The Town of Ajax has completed the 2019 Integrated Transportation Master Plan (ITMP). Building onto the 2010 Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan, the 2013 Transportation Master Plan and the 2015 Transportation Demand Management Plan, the ITMP brings together these priorities, emerging trends and growth and development within the Town. It is a multi-modal planning tool for short, medium, and long-term goals that seeks to continue improving walking, cycling and motorized transportation such as transit, driving, and carpooling in Ajax to the year 2031 and beyond.

View the ITMP Notice of Competion

In accordance with the requirements of the EA process, the 30 calendar-day review period for the ITMP will begin on June 14, 2019. Please provide written comments by July 15, 2019. All comments will become part of the public record of the study with the exception of personal information. Please submit in writing to:

Town Clerk
Town of Ajax
65 Harwood Ave. S.
Ajax, ON L1S 2H9

For further information about this project, please contact Town Hall at 905-619-2529 and request to speak with the Planning & Development Services Department or submit your questions to If no request is received by July 15, 2019, the ITMP Schedule “A+” and “B” Class EAs will be approved for implementation.

2019 Integrated Transporation Master Plan Final Draft Report April 2019

Integrated Transportation Master Plan
The Town of Ajax is currently in the process of updating the Integrated Transportation Master Plan. The process started in 2017 and is expected to be completed in late 2018.

About this project

Ajax is undertaking an update to two (2) master plans, the Transportation Master Plan and the Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan. Known as the Integrated Transportation Master Plan (ITMP), the goal of the study is to establish a holistic and integrated approach to transportation planning, design and implementation throughout the Town.

Transportation Master Plan:

  • To update the existing transportation master plan to reflect new priorities, emerging trends, growth and development within the Town of Ajax.

Pedestrian and Bike Master Plan:

  • To update the 2010 Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan to identify infrastructure priorities that reflect a cultural shift towards walking, cycling and healthy community development.
Transportation Demand Management
Transportation Demand Management (TDM) initiatives promote and facilitate the use of sustainable modes of transportation such as walk, cycling, transit, carpooling and telecommuting.

What are the benefits of Transportation Demand Management

  • Reduced traffic congestion
  • Reduced demand on road infrastructure
  • Improved air quality
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions
  • More efficient and enjoyable commutes
  • Improved public health from an active lifestyle

Town of Ajax Transportation Demand Management Plan

As part of our commitment to developing a multi-modal transportation network in Ajax and promoting sustainable transportation, the Town of Ajax has a new Transportation Demand Management Plan.

Transportation Demand Management is a series of community based initiatives designed to encourage residents and people who work in the Town to use sustainable modes of transportation more often. The TDM Plan provides a “blueprint” for change, outlining the policies, programs and infrastructure investments required to realize a transportation system that relies less on the automobile.

The successful implementation of this strategy will also contribute to improved air quality, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, diminished parking demand, improved public health and a better quality of live for all who live, work and play in Ajax.

The Transportation Demand Management Toolkit

The Transportation Demand Management “Toolkit” includes: Transit, Walking, Cycling, Carpooling and Telecommuting. TDM initiatives in Ajax will encourage Ajax residents to consider using one or all five “tools” for their daily transportation needs. TDM initiatives will help the Ajax community reduce re-more, re-time and re-route single occupancy trips.

  • Reduce
  • Remode
  • Retime
  • Reroute

Download the Plan


For further questions about the Transportation Department and the services offered please email or by phone at 905-619-2529 ext. 3232.