Ontario Government announces move to open market for private cannabis retail in Ontario

Read the Province of Ontario's news release for more information. 

Cannabis Retail Location Selected for Ajax

Smok - 20 Kingston Road West (Harwood & Kingston Roads).

Updated Regional Smoke-Free By-Law

An updated Regional Smoke-Free By-Law will include cannabis smoking and vaping. Review the proposed by-law


 On January 14, 2019 Ajax Council voted unanimously to opt-in, allowing cannabis retail locations in Ajax. 

Read the staff report (includes public consultation results)


  • Recreational cannabis became legal in Canada on October 17, 2018.
  • In Ontario, it is legal to consume cannabis anywhere you can smoke cigarettes, except in vehicles.
  • The Smoke Free Ontario Act restricts smoking within 20 metres of playgrounds, sports fields and ball parks; on community centre property; and in other key areas like around hospitals. The Region of Durham has passed a by-law further restricting places of recreational cannabis use.
  • Private retail locations must be more than 150 metres from schools.
  • The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) oversees cannabis retail licensing (including site-specific licenses). More information available from the AGCO website

FAQs for residents

Who can consume (smoke, vape or ingest) cannabis? 
In Ontario, you must be a minimum of 19+.
Where can I legally purchase cannabis?

In Ontario, those 19+ can only purchase from the Ontario Cannabis Store website. In Ontario, retail stores will not legally open until April 1, 2019. 

Note: the sale of edible cannabis products is still illegal in Canada. 

Will the Town allow cannabis retail locations in Ajax? 
Yes. Ajax Council voted unanimously in favour of allowing cannabis retail locations in Ajax on January 14. 
Where can I consume (smoke, vape or ingest) cannabis in Ontario? 

Provincial law allows for cannabis consumption anywhere you can consume tobacco products, with the exception of vehicles. These restrictions are outlined in the Smoke Free Ontario Act. Municipalities (including the Region of Durham) may implement local bylaws to further restrict where cannabis can be consumed. In April, the Region of Durham passed the Region's 2019 Smoking By-Law

Will the Town consider additional restrictions on cannabis consumption? 
A report addressing places of use considerations has passed at Durham Region Council (April 2019), and will come to Ajax Council & other local municipalities for endorsement before summer 2019. 
Who should I call if I have a complaint about cannabis smoking?
The Town will only be enforcing current bylaws and restrictions. Other concerns including odour will not be addressed. If you are concerned about someone driving under the influence or need to report a disturbance (party, etc.) please contact Durham Regional Police Services. 

Helpful Links - legislation and background:

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